WhiteWall Update: We Are Still Here for You

Dear Friends of WhiteWall,

We are currently experiencing a new kind of global solidarity! And there are some positives therein: more time to play with our children, talk to our partners, or enjoy a moment for ourselves. In these times, many of us are finding more time for our passion, photography. We encourage you to take this time to sort through your archives for beautiful, unique images—the best photos of your life.
If you want to make something special out of your pictures, we are still here for you.
On WhiteWall, you will find inspiring ideas for your photos. Together, we can transform your images into impactful, gallery-quality pieces.

Everything else you need to know about WhiteWall in the current situation can be found below.

Friends of photography, we wish you the best. Stay healthy!

Your WhiteWall Team

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1) What are the consequences of the current situation for WhiteWall?

Our priority is to protect the health and well-being of our team and customers and to contribute to limiting proliferation of the virus. We follow the recommendations of the governments with great care.

We continue producing the usual gallery quality in compliance with the safety regulations. There are currently no coronavirus infections or suspected cases at WhiteWall. Therefore, all our products are still available at present.

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2) Which measures were taken by WhiteWall?

To prevent infections among our team and impairment of our production, WhiteWall has taken extensive measures of protection. Among other aspects, there is a travel ban for all staff members – external visits or guided tours have already been discontinued for a longer time. A majority of our team members is working from home. Manufacturing at our site in Frechen has occurred in multiple shifts since the beginning of March. These shifts were separated and isolated from each other. This has allowed us to ensure that, even in case of a suspected corona case, not the whole team will have to be quarantined.

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3) Can I continue to order online?

We are still here for you! You can of course order in our online shop.

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4) Are there any consequences for delivery?

We keep shipping worldwide as usual. Only very few regions are subject to local restrictions, which may lead to constraints.

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5) Do WhiteWall products and packaging present any risk?

Neither our products nor the packaging pose a viral threat. Experts rated the receipt of packages and products as safe. You can find further information on this topic at the Federal Center for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung) or at the World Health Organization.

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6) Are the WhiteWall Stores open?

Our stores are open again, of course in compliance with the required public health measures. The current opening hours can be found here.

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7) What do I have to consider as a business customer?

There will not be any changes for our business customers. Our store staff and customer service will be available as usual from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. by phone and e-mail.

We are pleased to be back in the stores to assist you in person, of course only in compliance with the required public health measures. Please feel free to make an appointment with us to avoid possible waiting times.

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8) Who can help me if I have questions about my order?

Our customer service will of course continue to assist you during our normal business hours and will be pleased to support you with your project or order. Please contact us with any questions regarding our products or pending orders.

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