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Passion for Photography: WhiteWall in Selected Leica Stores

This new cooperation fills the WhiteWall team with special pride: from November 2020 onwards, the WhiteWall quality products and photo services will be available in selected Leica Stores

WhiteWall X Deichtorhallen Hamburg: New Exhibition by Jerry Berndt

Hardly any other photographer documents the American society between the 1960s and 1980s as impressively as Jerry Berndt.

Picturesque portraits by WhiteWall Ambassador Suxing Zhang

The WhiteWall Ambassadors are among the most talented and influential photographers worldwide, and each of them has their own visual idiom.

Forest Photographs by Erik Chmil: A Tribute To Nature

The forest photographs by WhiteWall Ambassador Erik Chmil have a very special charm.

WhiteWall Masterprint: Global Novelty For Impressive Formats

No other photo lab has accomplished this so far: the WhiteWall Masterprint outshines all existing Fine Art printing techniques.

WhiteWall kicks off an Ambassador Program

“I really believe that there are things that nobody would see if I did not photograph them”, the U.S. photographer Diane Arbus once said.

Photo Archiving by Michael Breitung

Those who photograph regularly, be it in their closer environment or during trips, certainly know the following problem: thousands of photos accumulate throughout the year and you hardly keep up

Printing Instagram Photos: 4 Tips for The Perfect Instagram Print

Instagram is a collection of countless photographs. Germany alone counts over 15 million active users per month. Around the world, there are over 700 million.

The High Art of Nude Photography: A Conversation with Jan Scholz

Photographer Jan Scholz creates artistic pieces that captivate viewers through their empathetic and highly aesthetic visual language. In our interview, he talks about his inner drive and ideals – and…

What is a Metal Print? A Quick Guide

Aluminum makes its mark as a backing with a unique color-brilliance and weather-resistant qualities. Unique surface finishes, sharp detail, a sophisticated appearance, and distinct details –the…

What is the Golden Ratio? Inspiration for Better Composition

The golden ratio is often mentioned with regards to picture composition. But what is the golden ratio and what are its mathematical foundations?

8 Tips For Professional Horse Photography

Professional photographer Martin Buschmann traveled to southwestern England to photograph some of Europe’s last wild horses. Buschmann spent two weeks in Exmoor National Park and captured magical…