The best photo apps for smartphones

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 11:54
The best photo apps for smartphones

The smartphone has become an important medium in photography - and with the right tricks, you can even get even more from it. This is an overview of the most innovative photo apps.

The Roll

The app The Roll automatically organizes photos according to relevance and topic. Using the built-in object recognition, shots are assigned to a particular genre: portraits, food or landscape images are grouped together accordingly. In addition, the self-learning app enables aesthetic classification – high-quality images are displayed at the top.

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The free app Prisma turns every snapshot into an amazing spectacle. You can turn your smartphone photo into an impressionistic image or a Japanese woodcut with your fingertip. More than 30 filters allow for colorful variations from a wide range of artistic periods. The individual photographic art comes into its own as a photo on canvas and has the effect of a sophisticated work of art.

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The photo app Fragment also enables artistic experimentation: it gives each picture an artistic kaleidoscope effect.

Pixlr & Pixelmator

With apps such as Pixlr or Pixelmator, you can easily edit your photos and place smoother filters over the image, remove red-eye or increase the brightness.
Pixlr is ideal for fast image processing for sharing photos over social networks.
Pixelmator has a customizable interface and even enables editing of different image layers. The app contains all the important tools and offers over 150 filters.

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If you're looking for the perfect portrait of yourself, you can use Facetune to remove skin blemishes or even to change facial proportions.


The graphics program Photoshop is available in two versions for the smartphone: the app Photoshop Fix contains all the basic features for editing and and allows detailed adjustments using a variety of tools. However, Photoshop Express has a larger range and offers more possibilities – it is even possible to edit photos in RAW format. Another good tip is the Fast Camera app, which captures high-speed serial images - with up to 1500 images per minute, you can keep every second of a sporting event for eternity. To make sure you don't clog up the hard drive with large data volumes, you can save smartphone pictures in an external "cloud". The Google Photos app lets you store unlimited images with a maximum resolution of up to 16 megapixels. The keyword search is a particularly useful function: the self-learning app arranges the photos in albums with object recognition – nature photography, animal images and wedding photos are automatically grouped together respectively.

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To ensure that the artistic smartphone pictures are not forgotten about, you can set them off beautifully with fine lamination. For well-illuminated photography, the actual photo can be put under acrylic glass - even up to a large format of 120 x 90 cm. The image has a strong color brilliance and impressive depth thanks to the shining acrylic glass. When using a high-resolution smartphone camera, even lamination as an ultraHD print is possible. Anyone who wants to create a photo book with their smartphone photographs can create up to 252 pages. A landscape format is ideal for panoramic exposures; an upright format for portrait photographs - when it comes to the arrangement of text and images, there is no limit to the imagination. A detailed guide and design inspirations can be found here.

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