Spotted: WhiteWall Products on Social Media

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Tue, 12/06/2016 - 11:54
WhiteWall in Social Media
WhiteWall in Social Media

The WhiteWall community shares impressive works of art in social networks: stunning photos on aluminum dibond, acrylic prints and fascinating prints on wood. So many people have posted, tweeted and commented - here is a selection of the most beautiful WhiteWall products spotted on social media.


If you want to share aesthetic, artistic images online, Instagram is one of the most important platforms. The photo app counted over 500 million users in June 2016. Not only private individuals use the network for their "visual storytelling", but also bloggers, celebrities, artists, photographers and companies. Instagram shows numerous touching moments and extraordinary creations - including these unique WhiteWall pieces.

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"I took this photo during our vacation in Corfu. My husband and I love the sea and the beautiful view. I like the colors, which match the décor in our living room. I decided to get a photo print on wood. It looks perfect." Kirsten Albers via Instagram: / Facebook: @gelbkariert


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“The United States is very important to us, especially New York. My wedding proposal took place on the Empire State Building, which you can see in the background of this photo. I took this picture on the day we celebrated 12.5 years together. It's printed on HD Metal." Mirjam Cornelissen via Instagram: @at_home_by_mc / Facebook: @MirjamCornelissenFotografie


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"These pictures remind us of our beautiful vacations – they stoke our wanderlust. My girlfriend and I love photography, and it would be a shame if we’d just kept these photos on a hard drive. They were taken in Cambodia and Vietnam, using a Mamiya RZ67 ProII and a Bronica RF645 with different films. I developed and scanned the color negatives in a lab in Hanoi. The black and white photos were developed and scanned at home. It was important to me that it was a handcradfted process." "For the color photographs, I chose Fuji Crystal paper. For the black and white pictures, I opted for matte Hahnemühle Torchon. Its subtle texture intensifies the color tones." Matthias Drobeck via Instagram: @mamiya_shooter / Facebook: @athletesphotography


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"The Berlin Television Tower is symbolic of Berlin - I wanted to display this iconic piece on my wall. I like the lighting and the atmosphere. It is an aluminum print on Kodak Pro Endura." Dennis Hentschel via Instagram: @ash2k_photography / Facebook: @Ash2k


With its 1.79 billion active users, Facebook is an ideal medium to share your portfolio. During the
WhiteWall Challenge in October, many followers posted their most beautiful orders - among them were many large-scale works of art.


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"The city of Frankfurt represents a turning point in my life. It was a new beginning. The image looks fantastic on aluminum, especially the composition and the lighting. Frankfurt’s skyline is very impressive.” Thomas Kirchberg via Facebook: @kirchbergart / Instagram: @kirchbergart

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"I love modern street art. This image is quite abstract and the colors are really powerful. It looks even more beautiful under acrylic glass. You just can’t stop looking at it. It is a great eye catcher.” Carsten Schütz via Facebook:


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"The picture was taken during our vacation in Brandenburg. The place is called Himmelpfort/Piano. We love the peace and the calm there. I chose an acrylic photo print." Wiebke describing her husband's artwork (Jens Borek) via Facebook: @wiebke.borek


Every day there are about 500 million tweets, which is roughly 6000 tweets per second. Twitter differs from all other social media channels by limiting every post to a mere 140 characters. However, you can also tweet pictures and links, which are not included in the total length of your post. Many WhiteWall fans have shared impressive artworks with their like-minded followers.


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“I am so proud because this photo calendar looks fantastic. It shows a beautiful selection of my GolfArt pieces. It is a limited edition for golfers who love and enjoy art. It's A2 size and is printed on premium silk matte paper. WhiteWall makes sure my customers receive premium quality products. I am a perfectionist and very grateful for this amazing service.” Olivera Cejovic via Twitter: @oliveracejovic / Instagram: @oliveracejovicart / Facebook: @oliveragolfart


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“This photo was taken by my father, Francis Jauffrion. He loves photography and is a passionate mountain climber. Recently he asked me decorate his RV with a nice work of art, so I ordered this canvas print for him.” Benoit Jauffrion via Twitter: @benoitjauffrion / Instagram: @benoitjauffrion


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"The image above shows the central dome of the palm house in Kew Gardens. I choose this subject as I am working on a series of photos of palm houses in botanical gardens. Greenhouses are often the pride of botanical gardens - they are beautiful buildings. I prefer to admire them from the outside though as it gets very hot inside them." "The flower is a calla lily, which is a flower I have photographed many times. Lilies have such a lovely shape and they look amazing from pretty much any angle. The plan was to buy a white one, but when I arrived at the flower shop I saw the red ones and thought they were great. I had never actually seen one before. I opted for a wood frame with passe-partout." Erik Lundqvist via Twitter: @erik_lundqvist / Facebook: / Instagram: