WhiteWall Presents Photographer Karsten Staiger

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WhiteWall Presents Photographer Karsten Staiger

From billboards for large corporate clients to artistic portraits to architectural photography, Karsten Staiger knows photography inside and out. Since 1995, he has been living and working in New York, where he is always on the lookout for the perfect image. He draws inspiration form the city itself; he is currently working on a series of impressive photographs of the New York skyline. When it comes time to have his photos developed, Karsten Staiger counts on “Made in Germany” quality from WhiteWall.

“WhiteWall is the only online photo lab that guarantees large-format works in such impressive quality.”

A Closer Look at New York

karsten staiger 1karsten staiger 2
Photographer Karsten Staiger swears by WhiteWall

The Perfect Finish for Every Photo

Karsten Staiger’s photographs show the overwhelming size of the densely packed high-rises and sky in New York. Correctly presented, their effect is even stronger. That’s why Staiger values the sheer number of possibilities WhiteWall has to offer. From acrylic-glass mounting to Direct prints on aluminum, there’s a perfect option for every picture. Even for a pro like Karsten Staiger, the final products leave nothing to be desired. “WhiteWall offers the ideal mounting for every photo, meaning I can bring out the best in all of my pictures. When it comes to realizing my artistic vision, that’s priceless,” Staiger says. On top of that, the lab can produce pictures in custom sizes, from 4 by 4 all the way up to 106 by 70 inches.

„A frame brings the picture to life.“

Karsten Staiger’s architecture photos are on display in both the boardrooms of large companies and in private collections. He often has his work delivered straight from the lab to his customers. With WhiteWall, not only can the professional photographer count on the picture quality, the frames also meet his high standards. “For a lot of people, it’s just one of the details, but for my photos, the quality of the frame is a crucial factor in the effect the picture has.” WhiteWall offers gallery frames in a wide variety of colors, materials and mouldings. Karsten Staiger often opts for floater frames, in which a gap between the photo and frame gives the picture the appearance of floating. He is also very impressed by the standard aluminum wall-mounting rails that make installation a breeze. “All you need is two screws or nails in the wall to hang it on.”

karsten staiger 3karsten staiger 4

Karsten Staiger on Choosing the Right Paper

As a professional photographer, Karsten Staiger knows how important the right paper can be. For many of his pictures, he opts for Metallic Prints. “The colors really pop with this paper, the contrasts seem a tad stronger.” For prints that are not as contrast heavy, he swars by the high-end Fuji Crystal paper. At WhiteWall, he receives perfectly exposed, traditionally developed photo prints on both of these papers. Black & white pictures are produced on classic Baryta paper. They are equally stunning however, when made into Hahnemühle Fine Art Prints. After all, the lab combines state of the art printing techniques with true craftsmanship.

Pictures in Stunning Quality

karsten staiger 5
karsten staiger 6
Lambda-Print on Fuji Crystal DP II
karsten staiger 7
Hahnemühle Fine Art

karsten staiger 8
Baryta Paper

You can find more information about Karsten Staiger on his website karstenstaiger.com and on Instagram via @karstenstaiger .