From Wolves to Whales - the Daily Routine of a Wildlife Photographer

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From Wolves to Whales - the Daily Routine of a Wildlife Photographer

The photojournalist and passionate nature photographer Sander Jain loves the west coast of Canada. The rainy virgin forests with their mysterious, foggy mountainous slopes provide a magical setting. The professional photographer, who has worked for publications such as GEO and BBC Wildlife, tells us about his unusual life as a wildlife photographer in the
Clayoquot Sound Reservation in the WhiteWall magazine. This area on the west coast of Canada includes an entire spectrum of habitats; from the open ocean with its rugged coastline and long, sandy beaches to its fjords and mountain ranges. The region is home to various types of whales, bears, wolves, pumas and deer. The gigantic coastal rain forest is one of the rarest forest ecosystems on Earth.

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"As a nature photographer, I try to show the beauty of other forms of life on our planet - for me, this task is inextricably entwined with my daily life in the wilderness. I live on an island near Vancouver Island, and I'm the only person there in the middle of a large habitat for wild animals such as wolves, deer, whales and eagles. I live in a wooden house on the beach between the forest and the ocean, where I research the behavior of my animal neighbors on long hikes.

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Once I stumbled upon the just washed up corpse of a porpoise. I couldn't determine the exact cause of death, but the wounds on the head pointed to an attack by killer whales. The body was almost completely intact, making it a perfect meal for the wolves on the island. It was only a matter of time before they would turn up, so I returned to my house through the woods and got my camera ready with a 400 mm lens.

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I went back to the beach several times that day with my camera and watched carefully through the underbrush at the edge of the forest. When I stepped out onto the beach, a wolf ran out of the thick bushes about 20 meters away from me and stepped carefully towards the corpse. He kept looking back in my direction - his direct eye contact meant I was looking into the beautiful eyes of a wild animal; impressive and awe-inspiring at the same time."

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Sander Jain usually has his breathtaking nature photographs printed onto aluminum Dibond by WhiteWall as genuine photographic prints. The cool elegance of the material lends the photographs a special appearance, and they also have an extremely high level of detail precision. For a warmer feel, the professional photographer selects a photographic print on wood with a clearly visible wooden edge. This draws the observer directly into nature.

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The First Nations tribes who have been living in Clayoquot Sound for some 10,000 years have a moving proverb inspired by this natural beauty:
Hishuk ish ts’awalk – Everything is one.

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