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Foto's op hout

Natuurlijk materiaal houdt uw fotoprint in vorm

Tipa World Awards 2021
Meervoudige winnaar van de TIPA
World Awards 2013 | 2017 | 2020 | 2021
„Het beste
fotolab ter wereld“
Toegekend in 2020 voor de
WhiteWall RoomView

Individuele foto's op hout: uw foto in een stijlvol wandobject veranderen

 direct photo print on wood
Visible wood grain photo print
Directdruk op houtmeer details
  • Modernste 7-kleuren-UV-druk
  • Premiumdruk op berkenhout
  • Natuurlijke houtnerf
vanaf 5,95 €
meer details

Promo Image | Original Print On Wood | first
Photo print mounted on wood
  • Hoogwaardige fotoafdruk op merkpapier van Fuji
  • Inclusief UV-beschermende laminering
  • Steunplaat in natuurlijke hout-look of modern antraciet
vanaf 9,95 €
meer details

Uw voordelen

  • Uw werk als unicaat

  • Inclusief ophangsysteem

  • Wensformaat op de centimeter nauwkeurig

Overzicht van onze foto's op hout

Echte fotoafdruk op hout Directdruk op hout
Echte fotoafdruk op hout Directdruk op hout
Papier Fuji Crystall DP II Modernste 7-kleuren-UV-druk
Speciaal De zijkanten van de houten plaat: natuurlijk en antracietgrijs Natuurlijke houtnerf die individueel verschilt
Formaten 18 formaten Standaard- & wensformaat
Maximale grootte 90 x 60 cm 100 x 80 cm
Aanbeveling Hoogwaardige fotoafdruk, inclusief UV-beschermende laminering Uw werk als unicum: Hout is een natuurproduct waarvan wij de schoonheid bij onze directdruk met veel effect voor uw motief gebruiken.
Ophangsysteem Geïntegreerde ophanging
Uw foto's verdienen meer kwaliteit
  • Digital Photo testbench 2020
  • Photo Magazin very well
  • Digital Photo Testbench
  • TIPA World Arwards 2020 - Best Foto Lab
  • TIPA Award 2021
  • Award 5
  • CanonFoto - testbench 2020
  • Digital Camera Best on Test
  • Award 7
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Why Print Your Photos On Wood?

Ever thought about printing your pictures on wood? One of the great advantages of wood prints is how stable and long-lasting they are. You can choose between two variants: a photo printed directly on wood, or a photo print laminated and affixed on wood. Wood fills your rooms with a natural and warm atmosphere, and softens the transition as the eye moves from wood print to wall.

Custom Wood Picture Prints: Direct Printing on Wood

If you decide to print your picture directly on wood, the distinctness of the wood print is immediately apparent. The wood structure remains visible behind your photo, and gives it new life when seen in profile. Each piece of wood has its own grain, making each wood print unique in a truly incontrovertible way. For the photo print we use a 7-colour UV print, in which we leave out the white ink. This allows the bright areas in your photo to give off a translucent effect.

For the direct print on wood we use a laminated grain, which we prepare through an elaborate gluing process. This gives your wood print a special stability. The outer layer on which the picture is printed consists of high-quality birch wood. This is peeled as a whole from the trunk in order to avoid any warping of the wood grain. We follow your sizing specifications down to the centimeter. You can go small, starting at 3.5 x 3.5 in (9 x 9 cm), and as large as 40 x 31.5 in (100 x 80 cm).

Sleek and Original: Photo Prints Mounted on Wood

Would you like to add more of a gallery quality to your favourite photo,without surrendering any of the naturalness of the wood? Then a photo print laminated on wood is the solution for you. Your picture is first developed on photo paper and then glued to the wood. We use a modern laser exposure, and attach your photo to a high-quality Fuji Crystal DP II branded paper. With this, a wafer-thin, highly transparent film ensures that your motif is protected from UV light and dirt. You can choose between matte and glossy films. Whichever you choose, your photo print is sure to impress with its vibrant colours.

With the photo print on wood, you can also choose between two different versions of the wood itself. If you want to retain the raw, untreated wood look, we recommend the untreated, 18 mm thick multiplex. The layered wood grain remains visible at the edge and ensures a warm appearance. Looking for a more modern look? Then we suggest the anthracite-coloured, 19 mm thick MDF board, which also creates the impression of additional framing.

We offer a range of sizing options for our wood-mounted photo prints. Adapting to the dimensions of your room, you can choose from eighteen different sizes. These start at 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm), and go as high as 35.5 x 23.5 in (90 x 60 cm).

More Than Just a Photo: Your Memories Printed on Wood

Whether you decide for the direct wood print or the photo print on wood, the wood option places no limits on the imagination. Landscape effects can be enhanced through combination with the natural product. The more modern, mounted prints, on the other hand, embody an interesting stylistic rupture between the sleek photo prints and the natural wood.

Shipping and hanging your photo on wood

Are you wondering whether a photo product is difficult to hang on wood? Thanks to precise cut-outs on the back of the wood, we guarantee you uncomplicated and quick hanging - whether in portrait or landscape format. Before shipping, we carefully check your photo for wood, only then will it be awarded our seal of quality and sent to you. In order to ensure that your desired product arrives safely at your destination, we use a custom-fit art security packaging.

Alternatives to your photo on wood

Looking for a similarly natural way to present your photo? A canvas print can give your picture an equally warm character. Classic photo canvases are particularly suitable for portraits or still lifes. For a modern and professional look, an acrylic photo print with an impressive depth effect is recommended. Or should it be something completely different? Then you should rely on a variation of different pictures and materials and design your wall as a collage of memories and favorite moments.