6 Practical Tips for Your Best Family Photos

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 11:54
6 Practical Tips for Your Family Photos

There are special moments that forge stronger relationships and familial bonds. Family vacations, weddings, city trips – the age of smartphone photography enables us to capture these moments at the touch of a button. Don’t let these emotional treasures go to waste on your smartphone. Turn them into an artistic family history! At WhiteWall, you can transform smartphone photos into premium quality works of art as large as 35 x 47 inches!

Tip 1: Take Your Time When It Comes to Preparing and Choosing Your Pictures

The best photos for a wall of family memories are those that evoke emotions and have special significance to the family. Take your time browsing through the photos on your phone or hard drive. Think about how you want to arrange them – chronologically, by special occasions, or simply by how much you love them. Some potential ways to group them thematically: - children - travel destinations - pets - hobbies - major milestones

Tip 2: Create a Gallery Wall with Your Family Photos

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Transform your last family vacation into a visual adventure by hanging thematically linked pictures salon style in a tightly packed cluster. Give order to the chaos by using some pictures of the same size or with the same color frame. You can find more info about hanging pictures this way in our magazine. Tip: We suggest choosing photos with frames that will be in harmony with each other. Similar frames and mats create a link between the pictures, giving them a more unified look.

Tip 3: Fill Picture Shelves with Family Photos

Great smartphone photos of kids and pets are perfect for arrangements on picture ledges or cabinets. You can emphasize thematic connections through similar mounting. However, the shelf itself provides a link between pictures, allowing you to combine small and large pieces and pictures of varying materials. The advantage of a picture shelf? Your arrangement is flexible and can be changed, updated, or rearranged at any time. In addition to the pictures, you can display personal mementos, artworks or even books!

Tip 4: Hang Special Memories in a Row

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Hanging pictures in a row brings harmony and order to a room. Framing the photos with passe-partout mats are a great way to create a relationship between the pictures, regardless of where or when the individual images come from!

Tip 5: Create a Grid of Your Favorite Places

Is there a special place you often go with your partner or family? Collect the best smartphone photographs of all the travelers and create a geometric picture grid! It’s really easy: line up the edges of the pictures and keep the distance between them equal. To give it a looser look, you can use a larger acrylic print with multiple framed pieces. A photo mounted under acrylic is perfect for colorful pictures and portraits – it really brings out the luminosity, expressiveness, and depth in livelier images.


Tip 6: Collect Family Photos in a Photo Book

best family photobook

A Photo Book is another way to hold onto your best family photos. The pages of your family history can bring back long-forgotten memories. Artfully designed Photo Books are a rarity and the memories they contain are invaluable. Digital Print Photo Books are a great way to keep a lifetime of memories – at WhiteWall you can create Photo Books with up to 252 pages! Photo Books are especially suited to chronological organization. This way, milestones, special occasions, and festive gatherings are provided with more illuminating context. By concentrating on the family’s history, Photo Books become more clearly structured.