The Perfect Picture Frame for Your Smartphone Photo

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Mon, 11/20/2017 - 11:54
Photo with frame - the best frames at WhiteWall

In life, every step can lead to a new adventure. Whether you’re hiking through expansive landscapes or discovering culinary delicacies in a new restaurant, smartphones are there with you every step of the way. Do you have a favorite picture that deserves to be put in the spotlight? At WhiteWall, there are many different frames for every possible kind of picture. Here are some tips and recommendations for the perfect picture frame.

Photos of Friends and Family

A slightly curved wood frame will do wonders for the best portraits of your partner. The 1-inch wide “Vienna” frame is a great example. It has a warm, friendly look with a touch of tradition and coziness.

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For the Love of Pets – Artful Animal Photographs

Pets are our friends for life. Is your iPhone full of adorable photos of your dog or cat? Try putting them in a classic “London” frame. With molding over 2 ½” wide, this is a very traditional frame that gives your four-legged friends the honor and elegance they deserve!

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Wood Picture Frames for Nature Photos and Landscapes

Do you carry your smartphone everywhere? For expansive nature photos, try a subtle frame that elevates the piece atmospherically. With a width of just over 1/2”, our “Basel” frame is a great choice. There is a striking gap between the picture and the frame, and it comes in different colors.

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A Purist Look for Beach Shots

Present your best beach shots from your last family vacation in a Solid Wood ArtBox. The frame is quite thin for a delicate look that gives the vastness of the ocean plenty of room to breathe. The wood gives the piece a warm, natural feel. Tip: Select a frame color that fits with the dominant colors in the image. Our ArtBox is available in the colors Alder Brown, Natural Maple, Oak Black, and Maple White.

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Architectural Photography with a Timeless Look

Did you take fantastic smartphone photos on your last sightseeing tour? Our Aluminum ArtBox is perfect for architecture photos. The clear, straightforward frame houses your piece in a timeless look, and is available in black and silver.

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Contrasting Frames for Food Photographs

Culinary delicacies in fine art photographs are a great way to make your kitchen more visually appetizing! Take the best food photos from your smartphone and turn them into large-format works of art. You can use a more angular frame as a perfect contrast to food with less of a clear form.

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A great option is our “Barcelon” frame! The best part is that WhiteWall can mount and frame your smartphone pictures in sizes of up to nearly three by four feet!