How-To Print Smartphone Photos in Big Sizes

Submitted by Benjamin Arntz on Fri, 06/03/2016 - 14:12
How-To Print Smartphone Photos in Big Sizes

So you’re out and about on a beautiful day when you spot something truly incredible: your favorite city in the golden hour, a breathtaking landscape, a skateboarding bulldog! No matter what catches your fancy, you’ll want to capture it for perpetuity. Your DSLR is at home, so you whip out your phone and snap a picture. And behold, the photo is great! Better than great, it’s amazing! So now what? Run around showing it to everyone on the 3.5” screen? Why not think big … and print big! With more and more people carrying smartphones everywhere, the built-in cameras are seeing vast improvements each year. Just as there are more options for taking and editing pictures in-phone, there is more variety than ever when it comes to printing them. Even if you don’t take every single shot like a pro, you can still print like one! Here is a quick guide on how to print your iPhone photos with WhiteWall.

Size & Resolution

You’d be surprised by the sizes and formats that are possible. From BIG prints to panoramic formats in stunning HD Metal prints or acrylic glass, you can get the most out of your smartphone photos. So just how big can you print? Like every other aspect of photography, the answer depends on quite a few different factors! Chief among them, however, is the image resolution. In short, the more pixels it contains, the bigger the print can be without sacrificing any quality. Some image editing apps can lower the resolution of your photos, so you’ll want to avoid using those. That said, with an 8 MP (megapixels) in-phone camera, a good benchmark for impeccable, gallery-quality prints would be about 8×11 inches, but you can go even larger with slight dips in the ppi. Of course, some of the newer model phones can produce razor-sharp large prints. We’re talking stunning contours at 20+ inches!

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Photoprints from smartphone will be lower quality than prints from a camera

The iPhone 4s, 5, 5s have an 8 megapixel camera, while the new 6 and 6 Plus come with a 12 megapixel camera. If you don't have enough pixels to make a print at your desired resolution, you can manipulate the image and add more pixels. This process is called resampling or interpolation, for which you need Photoshop or another image editing software. An easy way to see what’s possible with your image is to upload it and let WhiteWall do all the ppi (pixels per inch) calculations for you. To make sure you get premium quality every time, WhiteWall automatically calculates the maximum print size at optimal quality. If you exceed this size, a warning will appear to let you know that you may be losing image quality. Also, when you take a panorama shot with an iPhone for instance, your camera actually takes a series of photographs and stitch them together automatically. This can drastically bump up the pixel count in your image, making even larger prints possible! Use your iPhone built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) function to achieve a consistent exposure of the final shot.


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Image Format

Make sure your digital photos are saved in JPG or TIFF format. Many smartphone cameras automatically save in the JPG format. Then simply upload your images on the WhiteWall website. Select the printing, mounting, and/or framing options you want. Then choose your own custom size and format. Add it to your cart, and you’re ready to enjoy your photos at home!

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But what kind of print will look best? Naturally, that depends on the particular photograph and your tastes! For example, a Photo Print Under Acrylic makes vivid colors really pop and looks fantastic with or without a frame. For additional control over the color, you can choose from 3 types of premium papers - Fuji, Kodak, or Ilford. A wrapped Canvas Print gives your picture a warm, artistic feel that’s perfect for family portraits and special memories. The modern HD Metal Print is an incredibly light and durable print with razor-sharp details and brilliant colors. When choosing your printing options at WhiteWall, there are endless ways to express yourself, and they all arrive ready to hang. So get your favorite pictures off your smartphone and straight onto your wall!