WhiteWall kicks off an Ambassador Program

Submitted by WhiteWall Team on Thu, 11/05/2020 - 04:34
© WhiteWall - Our Ambassadors
© WhiteWall - Our Ambassadors

“I really believe that there are things that nobody would see if I did not photograph them”, the U.S. photographer Diane Arbus once said. Each photo reveals a new perspective of the world and each photo artist has his or her very own language. With the new Ambassador program, WhiteWall will engage in an intense interaction with selected photographers from fall 2020 onwards. As worldwide Ambassadors, these professionals will speak for the WhiteWall brand as partners.

Among the first Ambassadors are Erik Chmil, Lorenz Holder, Luke Stackpoole and Suxing Zhang.

The German art and advertising photographer Erik Chmil is constantly looking for expressive details, either in urban architecture or amidst idyllic sceneries.

ERIK CHMIL - aus dem Buchprojekt SOLITUDE
© ERIK CHMIL - SOLITUDE - 2013, Hong Kong

Lorenz Holder, also from Germany, is known for his fascinating Fine Art action sport photos and has built an international reputation in the last years.

LORENZ HOLDER - Bavarian Playground
© LORENZ HOLDER - Bavarian Playground - 2019 Allgäu, Germany (Athlete: Felix Georgii)

Luke Stackpoole from England is a professional lifestyle and adventure photographer: on his prominent Instagram profile, Stackpoole shows inspiring photos and has a passion for emotive storytelling.

LUKE STACKPOOLE - Reynisdrangar Island
© LUKE STACKPOOLE - Reynisdrangar Iceland

Suxing Zhang is currently living abroad and focuses on conceptual portraits that he refers to as impressionistic surrealism. It is not surprising that Suxing completed his vocational training as a painter prior to his career as a photographer.



“We are very proud to start with such a top-level line-up of professional photographers”, says Alexander Nieswandt, founder and managing director of WhiteWall. Nieswandt is pleased about the fact that the most talented and well-known photographers trust the WhiteWall brand. In the following months, the four Ambassadors will give an insight in their world: through the WhiteWall newsletter, the social channels, in the magazine and on the website. In exciting interviews, the pros will reveal their personal tips and show how they use different WhiteWall products in their respective field.

As part of the Ambassador program, the photographers wish to introduce new ways and inspire others with their passion, reflecting the spirit of the WhiteWall slogan “We are the best photo lab for all those who love photography”. The Ambassadors represent different genres and are all characterized by their own very unique style. “Quality is a central element of our brand”, says Thomas Alscheid, marketing expert and managing director of WhiteWall. “It is consequently a great honor for us that our most renowned Ambassadors trust WhiteWall as a premium supplier. Precisely the interaction with professionals is particularly important for our product development”, Alscheid adds.

Also in the year 2021, photo lovers can look forward to exciting photo artists and share their ideas with the WhiteWall Ambassadors: not only on social media but also face-to-face at the WhiteWall Stores as well as in workshops and at photo exhibitions. Would you like to learn more about the new WhiteWall Ambassador program? Visit our website now and apply directly at