Nothing but the Best for Your Pictures: WhiteWall Photo Books

Submitted by Benjamin Arntz on Fri, 06/03/2016 - 14:12
WhiteWall Photonook Ideas

Good news for everyone with too many great photos and not enough space left on their walls: WhiteWall now offers photo books! We know how much work and effort you put into taking incredible photos and designing a unique photo book to show them off. That’s why we make our photo books with the same care and attention to detail as everything else we do. No matter what’s in your pictures, inside each photo book from WhiteWall, you’ll find a combination of high-end materials, state-of-the-art printing techniques, good old fashioned know-how, and our commitment to excellence. What makes these photo books special? The short answer: everything. More concretely, these books are head of the class when it comes to:

  • Premium print quality
  • Numerous cover options that each perfectly fill a different need
  • Selection of high-end papers
  • Ease with which they can be designed an ordered
  • Amount of freedom in terms of layout

best photo book 1

To your specifications:

  • Available in landscape or portrait orientation, or in square formats
  • Small or large
  • A fine selection of end papers to choose from
  • Up to 252 pages
  • Bound using PUR adhesive that lasts and lasts

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Judge a book by its cover

Despite the old adage, a book’s cover can definitely be an indicator of what to expect inside. WhiteWall has five types of cover that all speak to the remarkable quality you can expect to find on every page.

  1. Hardcover. Classic! Print the image of your choice on a durable hardcover. Great for coffee tables and comes in matte and glossy versions.
  2. Softcover. Modern and fresh. Design your own cover art on a flexible softcover. Available in glossy, matte, or with an optional linen texture laminate.
  3. Printed Linen. An artistic texture printed with the image of your choice. Reminiscent of paintings on canvas, it’s great for wedding books and baby albums!
  4. Leather. Nothing says class like leather. Available in seven different colors for those extra special memories. A delight to hold!
  5. Linen. Elegant, sophisticated, fresh. Comes in eight different colors and is great for photo books with a whimsical air about them. Linen covers feel great on your fingertips, too.

best photo book 3

It’s what’s inside that really counts

A fantastic cover isn’t everything. Your photo book needs to have the best possible paper inside, too! Choose from standard glossy, premium high gloss, premium silk matte, and matte. Which one is right for you? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Standard glossy has more of a natural look
  • High gloss is known for crisp details and vibrant colors
  • Silk matte is fantastic for books that include text as well as photos
  • Our matte paper provides more of an artistic look for your photos

Order with ease

There are two ways to order a photo book from WhiteWall - in-browseror or by uploading your layout as a PDF. Either way, the first step is to decide what kind of book you want. “This all sounds great,” you might think to yourself, “but I don’t know the first thing about designing a photo book…” You don’t have to! Our online Photo Assistant will guide you through the whole process from A to Z right in your browser. There’s no additional software to download or complicated instructions. If you do know your way around professional photo book design, you can also upload your photo book in PDF format. We even provide handy InDesign templates to get you started!