Custom Photo Wedding Gifts from WhiteWall

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Thu, 06/15/2017 - 13:52
A Personal Wedding Present from WhiteWall
A Personal Once-Off - a Wedding Present from WhiteWall

Wedding season begins in May - and with it the exhausting search for the perfect present. What about a gift of a high-quality photograph? Photos are highly personal, individual and have a special significance for the bridal couple. You can find creative inspirations here!

Custom Photo Wedding Gift 1: A photo in a frame

For anyone who wants to make a big impression with their gift, you can have the couple's favorite portrait printed as a large-format work of art. "A photo with a passepartout frame looks especially elegant with an asymmetrical linen passepartout", advises our photography expert Jan-Ole Schmidt.

photo wedding gift 1

The bright linen material gives a soft and elegant look, while a finely worked frame - such as the London model - gives the photograph an especially powerful impact.

photo wedding gift 2

Tip: You can discreetly ask beforehand whether the couple has a favorite portrait. Smaller photos in their apartment can also provide you with hints for a suitable image.

Custom Photo Wedding Gift 2: A photo book

Particularly for good friends, a collection of wonderful moments makes for an emotional gift. You can often find moving moments from the past on your smartphone that you can immortalize as pictures in a photo album. The more contrast there is in the pictures, the more shiny the photo paper should be. "If the photo album will be passed through many hands, however, a matte variant is better, so that no fingerprints are visible on it", recommends Jan-Ole Schmidt. If you would like to have your photo album printed, the premium matte digital print is the best choice.  If there are a lot of panoramic photos in the collection, a real photo album is more suitable, as the photographs will extend over the entire double page without a distracting fold. A delicate linen cover looks very elegant and fits in with the romantic wedding feel. You will find a detailed guide for creating a photo album with valuable tips and tricks in our magazine.

Custom Photo Wedding Gift 3: An acrylic photo block

Gifts of money have an unjustifiably poor reputation, as the bridal couple can use them to fulfill a dear wish or for their honeymoon. "Money can seem crude, but it depends on how it's presented. You can give money in a very personal and individual way", says the wedding expert Cathrin Müller from the German wedding portal einfachverheiratet. A shining acrylic block will transform any gift of money into a personal once-off with character. The portrait of the couple is behind 25 mm thick acrylic glass on Kodak premium paper, and has an unusual depth effect.

photo wedding gift 3

The acrylic photo block stands entirely alone and can be moved between locations in their home as the couple wish. The perfect wedding present does exist!