WhiteWall on Board the TUI Cruise Ships: A Virtual Tour

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WhiteWall on Board the TUI “Mein Schiff®” Cruise Ships: A Virtual Tour
© TUI Cruises

Not only do guests on TUI’s Mein Schiff® (“My Ship”) cruise ships have a breathtaking view of the ocean, they can also discover stunning art photography on the high seas. On board ships from the Mein Schiff® fleet, there are over 6,000 fascinating works from limited-edition art gallery LUMAS, all of which were produced in the WhiteWall lab in Frechen, Germany. WhiteWall produces the elegant pieces as acrylic prints in bespoke sizes and formats. That way, creations by Belgian artist Isabelle Menin can be displayed in circular “portholes” in the stairwells.

whitewall and TUI 1
© Isabelle Menin, LUMAS.com

Menin is the master of floral opulence, and her hyper-realistic flower arrangements feel like electrically-charged vortices of color and organic textures.

whitewall and TUI 2
© Isabelle Menin, LUMAS.com

Photographs by Christopher Pillitz were also give the circular treatment to decorate the ship’s stairwells. In his film-like photographic narrative, the city of Buenos Aires serves as the set.

whitewall and TUI 3
© Christopher Pillitz, LUMAS.com

Pillitz’s atmospheric black-and-white pictures transport the attitude of Argentina and are chock-full of elegance, sensuality, and melancholy.

whitewall and TUI 4
© Christopher Pillitz, LUMAS.com

Even in extremely detailed works, WhiteWall’s real photographic prints on high-end paper ensure razor-sharp definition and luminous color. Works by LUMAS artist Ciuco Gutiérrez are made up of rows of close-up shots of various objects. Gutiérrez’s archives hold thousands of photographs, which he puts together in conceptual series of works. For TUI, the artist ran with a maritime theme to create photographic “showcases.”

whitewall and TUI 5
© Ciuco Gutiérrez, LUMAS.com

whitewall and TUI 6
© Ciuco Gutiérrez, LUMAS.com

The artworks mounted and framed by WhiteWall on board the cruise ship show that there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to interior decoration. From large-format panoramas to inspiring picture arrangements and photo frames, the handmade works from WhiteWall stand for the highest quality, delighting even the most demanding art and photography enthusiasts. For more information about our wide range of products, check out our products.

whitewall and TUI 7
© LUMAS.com

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