Gift Certificates

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1) Which products can be purchased with Gift Certificates?

At WhiteWall, gift certificates can be redeemed for any product. You cannot use them to purchase new gift certificates, however. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed for goods. They cannot be returned or exchanged for cash (in full or in part).

Please note that it is currently not possible to redeem gift certificates in the coffee table book download software.

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2) How long are Gift Certificates valid?

The validity of our Gift Certificates is compliant with legal regulations. The issue date is noted on the gift certificate, and the validity can be determined based on that.

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3) Can I give Gift Certificates as presents?

Yes. We offer gift certificates in set amounts ranging from £25 - £500.

Instant Gift Certificates: After completing your order, you receive the gift certificate code by e-mail. You can also download a PDF card, which you can print out and fill in with the code and issue date for a fast gift.

Gift Certificate Box: After completing your order, you receive the gift certificate code by e-mail. You will receive the gift certificate card in its gift box by mail. You can then fill in the code and issue date on the card.

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4) Can I redeem multiple Gift Certificates for a single order?

You can redeem multiple gift certificates for a single order. Promo codes, however, generally cannot be combined. When placing your order, it will automatically show whether or not a code is combinable or not.

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5) What happens to the remainder if I don’t use the entire value of my Gift Certificate?

If you redeem a Gift Certificate and do not spend it entirely, you will receive an e-mail with a new code valid for the remaining amount.

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6) How do I redeem a gift certificate or promo code?

Enter the code in the shopping cart in the field provided for it. Then click “Redeem.”

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