08 – Adapting the design for all pages

You can find this function in the upper menu bar: 


Here you can set basic design options for the layout of your coffee table book in a similar way as with the wizard. These options include image spaces, image margins or background colors. They are always be applied to the entire coffee table book. 

Please note that these settings are only applied to already existing designs. They do not apply for pages added at a later time. Hence, you should use these settings for example to assign a frame to all existing pictures in your coffee table book or to adjust the distance of the contents to the page margin on all pages at a later time. Of course, you can repeat this after adding pages.  



Margin  Here you define the distance of the entire layout to the page margin.   
Picture spacing  Here you can set how much space there should be between the individual pictures. 
Font  Please set the default for the desired font style here. Of course you will be able to adjust each text box afterwards.  
Frame  Here you can add a margin to all photos. You can define the width and color for this margin. 
Background color  Here you can set a background color for all pages.