16 – Design tips

Create text for the book spine

To write the text for the spine of your WhiteWall Coffee Table Book, please insert a text box on the cover and write the text for your book’s spine into it. Now you can adjust the font. 

Then rotate the text box by 90° moving the mouse pointer towards one of the corners from outside of the text box. The mouse pointer becomes a rectangular double arrow. Click and draw the corner to rotate it. The rotation will be displayed next to the mouse pointer in the process. 

Rotate by 270° if you would like the text to be in a bottom-up direction. For a top-down progression of the text, please rotate the text box by 90°. 

Now draw the text box onto the book spine at the center of the cover. Magnetic reference lines (dashed lines that appear automatically) help you with horizontal and vertical centering. The text box will automatically snap in when moved to the center.  

Finally, the font needs to be set in a way that there is enough space towards all four sides of the book spine. This ensures that the text will not protrude over the margin of the spine. 




Setting backgrounds for text boxes  


When inserting a text in your coffee table book, you can add a colored background. In doing so, you can for example create a contrast between the text and the background. Please insert a rectangular shape in your coffee table book via the following icon in the top bar for this purpose: 

The rectangle now appears on your coffee table book. You can click on it and make different adjustments, e.g. color or transparency, via the top bar.  

Then move the rectangle onto the text box. You can use the following buttons to change the order of the planes so that the rectangle is placed under the text: 

In doing so, you can set a personalized background for text boxes.  


You can also place text and photos on the rectangle so that they form one unit. 


Copying layouts onto another page  


If you have created an arrangement of picture and/or text boxes on a page or double page that you would like to insert into other pages of your coffee table book, you can proceed very easily in the following way. 

Click on all elements that you would like to copy. In case of multiple elements, please hold the Cmd key.  

Then press Cmd + C and move to the page on which you would like to insert the layout. Press Cmd + V there. The layout will be inserted and you will be able to modify the contents.  

You can also do this for multiple pages by simply clicking through the pages one by one while holding Cmd + V.