09 – Adjustments in the editor view

The view of our online coffee table book editor can be adjusted very easily, and many elements can be hidden or shown depending on whether they are currently needed.  

Showing and hiding bars  


You can display or hide the left, right and bottom bar. To do so, simply click on the respective small button at the edge of the area.

74          Hides the area   

75          Displays the area once again  







In this case, the preview of the coffee table book will be automatically adjusted in its size so that the largest possible area is always used. This is very handy to obtain a larger preview of your coffee table book. The bottom and right-hand bar can also be activated in the closed state via small symbols and/or the numbered double pages.  

Display ruler  


Via the menu option “View“ -> “Show rulers“ you can display rulers on your coffee table book. In doing so, you will see the dimensions of your photobook on the left and at the top. The current position of the mouse pointer is marked on both rulers so that you can place elements very accurately. 


You can hide the rulers once again by unticking the box at ”Show rulers” at the same place.  


Show bleeds  

By default, the preview of your coffee table book in the editor displays the area of the pages that will also be visible this way later in the coffee table book. To offset production tolerances during cropping, the so-called cropping area, which will be cut off after printing the pages, will be added on all pages. Its purpose is to ensure that there will not be any white bar (i.e. white gaps) at the margin of the page, e.g. when photos or backgrounds should reach up to the page margin. In this case, the photos should always expand into the entire cropping area.  

You can opt for a display of the cropping area during the design process. To do so, please use the menu option “View“ -> “Show bleeds“. If you tick the box, a red shaded area will appear around your coffee table book to mark the area that will be printed but cut off. You will also find that picture boxes that you drag very closely towards this area will be automatically placed entirely into the cropping area. This is important because otherwise there would be the risk of cutting exactly on or slightly alongside the edge of the photo, which might lead to the abovementioned white gaps.