05 – The “Design coffee table book “ module in detail


This module is the coffee table book editor. Here you have full creative freedom.


The different sections  

In the central section you can see your coffee table book. 

On the left you can find the photos you have already uploaded. 

On the right you can find some design elements: 








In the top section you can find some design tools: 


Upload photos


Delete marked photos from the left-side section


Add a text box


Add a picture box


Activate the editing mode of the backround


Insert rectangular or round areas


Adding photos  

The best way to insert a new photo in a coffee table book page is to add an empty picture box via the following icon at first.  


You can then adjust its position, size, format and rotation. This can be done either before or after adding a photo, and of course you can make adjustments at any time. Now drag the photo into the picture box. The photo is placed in the picture box. If it is cropped in the process, you can move the section via the arrow symbol that appears when clicking on the picture:  


Editing pictures

You have different possibilities to edit a photo in your coffee table book. To do so, please click on a photo. New symbols will appear in the top section: 



It contains different options: 


You can use this feature to delete the photo from the picture box. The picture box itself remains unchanged. 


With the magnifier you zoom the photo in or out and hence change the picture section that you can move afterwards. 


With this feature you adapt the picture box to the lateral dimensions of the photo so that the latter is fully visible without the crop. 


You can rotate the photo in the picture box in 90-degree steps. 


Please use this feature to mirror the photo in the picture box. 


You can define the opacity of the photo. To do so, click either + or -. Alternatively, you can also enter a percentage and confirm with ENTER. 


With this you add a frame to your photo. You can set the color and width. In addition, you can delete previously inserted frames and templates here. 


Pre-designed picture looks can be used with this feature. 


Move a picture box one plane up and/or down. 


This button deletes the entire picture box including the photo from your design. Of course, the photo itself remains unchanged in the left-side section and can inserted again at a different point. 


Inserting texts 


You can add a text box to your design at any time using the above icon. Then you can move this text box and adjust its size. To move it, you can simply click on a point in it and move the box. You do not have to click exactly on the edge of the text box. 

Simply click into the text box to edit the text. You can write directly in it. 

When the text box is selected, a tool bar appears in the top section: 



This tool bar contains different options: 


Select formatting in bold, italics and underlined. Please note that, depending on the font type, the bold and italics formatting are not available. 


Select left, centered or right alignment. 


Set font color. 


Select font. 


Assign font size. 


Move the text box one plane up or down. 


Delete the text box. 


Editing the background  

Backgrounds in a WhiteWall Coffee Table Book can consist of colored areas or photos. There are different ways to change the background: 

  • Via the selection of monochromatic backgrounds on the right side:
  • By dragging a photo onto the background. 
  • Via the background editing mode that you find in the top section:  
    This can also be used to adjust changes from the first two possibilities at a later time. 

Monochromatic backgrounds 


Click on this button on the right side. A selection of monochromatic backgrounds will open. You can apply these optionally on a single page or an entire double page. To do so, drag the color field onto the page. Labeled areas will appear. Simply drop the color field over the desired field. Of course, you can replace an existing background with the same method at any time. 

Photos as a background  

While dragging your photo onto the coffee table book, further possibilities for adding your photo appear on the bottom edge of the double page. With this feature, you can use it as a background for the left or right page as well as of the double page. Simply drag it into the respective area. Of course, you do not need to add a picture box at first. 


The background editing mode  

This module enables editing of the background, both for monochromatic areas as well as for photos. You can open it via this symbol:  


Alternatively, you can double-click on the background in the coffee table book. Now, an info bar appears on top of your coffee table book to indicate that you are in the background editing mode: 


This bar remains visible as long as you edit the background. With the button “Done“ you can close the background editing mode. 

The following options are available for you in the background editing mode and are displayed in the top section. Should you wish to define the background individually for each page, simply click on it before using one of the options. 


Use the magnifiers to zoom the background photo in and out. 


With this function you rotate the photo in 90-degree steps. 


Vertical mirroring. 


You can choose a background color. Please note that any background picture already inserted will be deleted in the process. 


You can set the opacity of the background from 0% to 100%. This works both for photos as well as for monochromatic backgrounds. 


Remove the selected background element. 


This button ends the background editing mode. The feature is the same as in the additional bar mentioned above. 

Applying layouts 


With this button on the right side you can open the selection of layouts. Layouts determine how picture boxes are arranged. The layouts are grouped according to the number of photos. Simply drag the desired layout from the left side to the side on which it should be used. The page may be empty or already contain photos. Existing photos are placed in the new layout. If the inserted layout contains fewer picture boxes than the number of photos already existing on the page, excess photos will be deleted. However, you can undo this using the undo function in case of unintentional actions.  

Applying templates 


In the right bar you can find the section to select templates. Templates can be applied to photos and are used to add edge effects. Simply drag the desired template onto a picture box and drop it there. It will then be applied directly. You can remove the applied template via the undo function.  

Removing templates  

To delete a template at a later time, please click on the photo first. The editing bar will appear in the top section. There you click on:  


You can delete the template using a button. 

The zoom view 


During coffee table book design, you find the buttons to zoom the view at the bottom right. You can zoom in and out with the “–“ and/or ”+“ buttons. If you choose the zoom factor to be larger than 100%, a miniature view of the coffee table book will appear above the buttons:  


In this view, the area of your coffee table book that is visible in the full view is marked with a green frame. You can move this frame over the miniature view and therefore select the area visible in the zoom view. This is very helpful to check details of entire pages and/or double pages in the full view. Alternatively, you can also move the zoom section directly in the large preview of the coffee table book by pressing the ALT key. 

Moving pages  

If you wish to move designed or empty double pages to a different place in your coffee table book, you can proceed very easily. In the bottom section where you can see the previews of all double pages you can click on a double page with the mouse and move said page. A green field will appear as a wildcard while you are moving the mouse. As long as this field is green, you can insert the double page by dropping it at the respective spot that is marked by a vertical bar. Only when the field is displayed in red, this will not be possible. However, it only happens at the positions ahead of the front cover and behind the back cover.  

Inserting rectangular and round areas  


With these buttons you can insert rectangular and/or round shapes. They are mainly intended to complement the layout of your pages. Particularly the rectangular shapes are suitable as backgrounds for texts in order to emphasize or differentiate them. 

After having added such an area, you can click on it and you will receive some options to adjust them at the top right: 


Define the color of the area  


You can determine the transparency with this function. 


You can add a frame to the area. 


You can add the degree of roundness of the corners. 


With these two buttons you can move the area in the order of the planes downwards or upwards. 


Click on this icon if you wish to delete the area. 

Similar to picture boxes, you can click on the area and move it afterwards. Moreover, you can change the size by dragging the sides or corners. Rotation is also possible this way.