03 - Overview of the different editing modules


The coffee table book editor consists of four modules. You can switch among these modules during the entire process of designing your coffee table book, i.e. also go back and make adjustments.  

The "Upload photos" module is used to upload photos. This can be done at the start of a design process or also at a later time, for example when you wish to add further photos. More information can be found in section 04 – The ”Upload photos” module in detail

The "Design coffee table book" module offers you full creative freedom for your coffee table book. You can insert photos and texts and use predefined layouts and backgrounds. Details about this module can be found in section 05 – The ”Design coffee table book” module in detail

The "Book options" module enables you to adjust the properties of the coffee table book (format, cover, page paper, end paper and number of pages) during the design process. You might find out during the design process that another format or another paper type suits your project better. Or you wish to add further pages. No problem, everything can be adjusted here. Details can be found in section 06 – The “Book options” module in detail

The "Preview" module shows you a preview of your coffee table book in the maximum possible size. Hence, you can view and check your coffee table book without distractions. This is particularly useful at the end of the design process prior to placing the order as it allows you to check the project in a final way. But it also gives you an overview during the design stage. You can read further information in section 07 – The “Preview” module in detail