12 - Sharing your WhiteWall Coffee Table Book with others

You can share your WhiteWall Coffee Table Book with friends, contacts or customers. To do so, please click on the following symbol that you find between the “Save” and shopping cart button: 


Please note, that this button is only visible when you are logged in. You can subsequently activate the function to share your coffee table book and a link will be displayed.  


You can copy and send this link. The recipients can use it to browse your coffee table book as a preview. As soon as you make adjustments to your coffee table book, they will also be visible in the shared preview so that you do not need to send a new link for this purpose.  

You can re-activate the sharing function at any time by clicking on the share symbol once again and then on the slide bar to move it back to the left.  

You can use this function for example to coordinate the design with other people and to make adjustments.