14 - Shortcuts

Wie in vielen anderen professionellen Programm auch, bieten wir Ihnen eine Reihe an Tastenkombinationen, mit denen Sie oft genutzte Funktionen schneller erreichen als über das jeweilige Menü.




Ctrl + C

Cmd + C

Copy the selected element

Ctrl + X

Cmd + X

Cut the selected element

Ctrl + V

Cmd + V

Re+insert a copied or cut element



Delete selected element

Ctrl + Z

Cmd + Z

The last action is undone

Ctrl + Y

Cmd + Y

The last undone action is applied once again

Ctrl + Shift + U

Cmd + Shift + U

Activates the "Check project" function

Alt + mouse

Alt + mouse

Move section of the zoom view

Ctrl + mouse click

Cmd + mouse click

Select multiple elements, e.g. for simultaneous copying or moving.

Shift + mouse

Shift + mouse

Change size of the picture or text boxes while keeping the aspect ratio  



Switches the browser to full screen mode. You have even more space to design the coffee table book. This is a function of your browser, not of our coffee table software. We can therefore not warrant this function.