02 - Starting a WhiteWall Coffee Table Book – different possibilities for an easy start of your coffee table book project

You can choose from among different options when starting a coffee table book project: 

  • The wizard handles the complete design and provides a suggestion based on the photos that you select for this purpose. 
  • The feature “Autofill“ fills picture boxes or layouts with photos previously uploaded by you. You place those picture boxes in advance – manually or by selecting pre-designed layouts. For this purpose, you use the “Design coffee table book“ module. 
  • You can also design a coffee table book in a purely manual way, i.e. you start with a blank page. This can also be done in the “Design coffee table book“ module. 

In this process, it is important to consider that designs created via the wizard or the ”Autofill” feature can always be adjusted manually at a later time. You can also use them as a starting point for further manual design in the ”Design coffee table book” module. An example for this are photos of a trip that you have the wizard distribute over the coffee table book as a start. Then, you adjust each page to your requirements and add texts. This can save you enormous amounts of time. 

Feel free to simply try the wizard and see what it offers you. 

Of course, you will always need to add texts manually, both in the wizard as well as in the “Autofill“ feature. 

The wizard  

Please use the wizard to generate a design suggestion for your coffee table book in a fully automated way from a selection of photos. You start in the ”Upload photos” module and add all photos that should be used in your coffee table book. At the bottom right of this module you can see the button for the wizard: 


When you have added all photos, please click this button and then click “Yes“. 

Tip: the upload (you can see the progress in the top bar) does not have to be finished in order to start with the wizard. The latter uses reduced versions of your photos for the layout. The upload of the complete image data is continued in the background. 

After having clicked the button, you will see a window in which you can make different pre-settings. Everything is set to ”Auto“ by default and is consequently determined by the wizard. However, you can also influence individual or all options yourself. For this purpose, simply activate the tick box next to the respective option and click on the option so that the relevant setting possibilities appear on the right side. There you can also see visuals that indicate the effect of this option.  


Margin & photos gap  Here you define the distance of the entire layout to the lateral margin and how much space there should be between the individual photos. 
Photo frames  Here you can add a frame to all photos and define its width and color. 
Number of pages  Here you can determine the number of pages of your coffee table book, provided that you wish to make this decision in advance. 
Background  Here you can set a background color for all pages. 





Subsequently click on “Run auto-creation“ to start the wizard. In case you have previously inserted contents in your coffee table book, you will see a warning about this layout being lost.  

You will see a progress bar while the wizard creates your coffee table book. Afterwards you will see the design suggestion in the “Design coffee table book“ module. 

Please note that the wizard only designs the internal pages of your coffee table book but not the cover. 


The “Design coffee table book “ module

In this module you start with a completely empty coffee table book, and you can design it yourself manually and with maximum freedom. You can find further information in section 05 – The “Design coffee table book” module in detail


This feature is useful when you wish to determine the layout of a book yourself but still look for an automated placement of the photos. Hence, the photos will only be positioned in the image boxes that already exist in the coffee table book. Pages without image boxes will remain empty in this feature. You use this feature while you are in the “Design coffee table book” module. Here you can place image boxes on the pages of your coffee table book yourself via the option in the top bar: 


Alternatively, you can choose from the predefined layouts on the right side:


For example, you wish to place exactly one squared image box on each page or always exactly three photos in an identical order. 

When you have created or used the page layouts, please select “Project“ -> “Autofill“ in the upper menu. All image boxes will be filled. If you have uploaded fewer pictures than the number placed in the book, the excess image boxes will remain empty.