04 – The "Upload photos" module in detail



  • In this module you choose and upload your photos. This section is available for you during the entire design process of your coffee table book. You can always return to it and upload new photos. The structure is as follows: 
  • On the left you see the number of photos that you have currently uploaded. 
  • In addition. the progress is displayed to you during the upload. This applies to the upload of the high-resolution picture data that are needed for printing at a later time. The miniature views are available for you much faster so that you can also start designing your coffee table book prior to finishing the upload. 
  • When the upload is finished, the possibility to sort and filter will be displayed here instead of the upload progress. You can consequently sort the photos, for example by name or date, and hide all photos that you have already placed in your coffee table book. This makes sense when you upload new photos while designing the book. 
  • Further to the right you see the button to upload more photos:  
  • When you mark one or multiple photos (you can mark multiple photos by holding the ctrl key), you can delete them again via the bin symbol:
  • You can show the respective file name by letting the mouse pointer linger on a photo. 


In the bottom right area you see the symbol of our wizard by means of which you can start the design wizard. You can find further information about the wizard in section 02 – Starting a WhiteWall coffee table book – different possibilities for a simple start of your coffee table book project. 

Tip: should you wish to upload photos from multiple folders, we recommend you to proceed step-by-step and one-by-one. Upload the photos from the first folder and then add further photos from the next folders via the following icon.