04 – Notes on design

Please be aware of the bleed area when designing. This is located in the outer area of the cover or the inner pages. Content that should extend all the way to the edge of the page must be placed entirely within the bleed area. This area is cut off (content pages) or folded over (cover) during production and is subject to normal production tolerances. The bleed area therefore ensures that there are no white lines at the edge of the page.


In addition to the bleed area, there is a safety margin. This is 5mm inside the sides or cover. Elements that are not supposed to go all the way to the edge of the page should not be placed closer to the edge than the safety margin. This avoids having elements cropped or too close to the edge of the page in the finished Coffe Table Book.

You can design the spine with photos or text. To do this, place the desired elements in the area provided. Note the width of the spine. Elements such as text should be at least 2 mm from the edge to compensate for production tolerances. Of course photos can be placed over the front, spine and back of the cover.

We recommend an 11 point font size or larger.

For a softproof of your photos, we offer ICC profiles for download.