03 – Setting the correct dimensions for cover and content pages

You can easily view the dimensions for the design of the cover and content pages on whitewall.com. Click on "Design now" in the Coffe Table Book area and select "Coffe Table Book via PDF upload" in the following window. Afterwards, you can configure the properties of your choice for the Coffe Table Book and then click "Design now". On the following page you will see all the relevant dimensions including bleed for the selected number of pages.

If you use Adobe InDesign for the design, you can also download the templates for covers and content pages in IDML format here. The page format as well as bleed and safety area are marked there.

 The cover must be created as a double page and we require the content pages to be in a second PDF document as single pages. For the content pages, a bleed area towards the fold should not be included at all, as the pages are joined seamlessly here for production. Only three pages of the content pages are to be provided with a bleed area here.

If you add additional pages to the content pages, please be sure to note the page increments. With the WhiteWall Coffe Table Book, you always have to add in 4-page increments.

It should also be noted here that adding or removing content pages or changing the paper type will make the spine wider or more narrow. This means that the dimensions for the cover will change. You can check this on whitewall.com as described above and download a new template if necessary.