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WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

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5x7 Acrylic Photos To Display Anywhere: The WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

With three easy display options, the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini is a real photographic print under acrylic glass you can put pretty much anywhere. Decorate your wall, hang it on metal surfaces using the built-in magnets, or stand it with other pictures atop a dresser.

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini: Magnetically affix to fridges or metal furniture to order


Magnetically affix to fridges or metal furniture

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini 7.1"x5.1" (13 x 18 cm): portrait or landscape 5.1"x5.1" (13 x 13 cm): square


Hang on the wall

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini order


Stand stably on flat surfaces

Premium Quality Mini Photos From WhiteWall: Real Photo Prints Under Acrylic

Like our bestselling product, the Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, these mini acrylic photos are also developed on first-class photo paper, silicone-sealed under 1/16 in. (2 mm) thick acrylic glass, and backed with stable and opaque aluminum Dibond.

Your Photos as WhiteWall Acyrlic Minis
  1. High-quality sealing under acrylic glass using elastic silicone
  2. Photo print on Fuji Crystal DP II
  3. Opaque backing made of 1/8 in. (3 mm) thick aluminum Dibond

Special Photo Gifts In An Original Package: The WhiteWall Mini Acrylic Photos

The WhiteWall Acrylic Minis are a versatile way to spread joy. A small token of your affection, a personal photo gift, or a special greeting from your vacation. Thanks to the high-quality production, these small-format photo prints under acrylic glass make fantastic gifts, which we are also happy to send directly to the recipient in special packaging.

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini 13x18
  • A present or original alternative to a postcard from afar
  • Direct shipping straight to the recipient

Simple Ordering: Comes In Two Formats

The affordable WhiteWall Acrylic Minis are a game-changer: the small-format acrylic pictures are produced in high quality. And at either 7.1 x 5.1 in. (18 x 13 cm) or 5.1 x 5.1 in. (13 x 13 cm), these Acrylic Photo Prints are a great way to show off your most beautiful memories and miniature masterpieces!

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini order
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Picture Size Comparison Chart: WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

Versatile Display Options

Arrives with magnetic back(1), hanging hook(2), and stand(3).

Your Photos as WhiteWall Acyrlic Mini to order
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