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Digitizing Analog Photos – The Best Tips for Perfect Pictures

In the digital age, it is extremely easy to store your photographs in virtual space. Since you can access your pictures, edit them, email them, post them online, or print them at will, it might…

Between Destruction and Breathtaking Beauty: Steve McCurry’s “Afghanistan”

Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, tribal feuds collide with political conflicts and colonial wars. In the country’s history spanning millennia, it has only experience a few short breaths of…

Easy Photo Tips For Taking Amazing Pictures

Weddings, birthdays or creative shootings: There are many occasions to take amazing photos of your friends and family members! To make sure they turn out great, WhiteWall Ambassador Barbara Bordnick…

Successful Interior Photography - Tips from Chantal Weber

The language of images used by WhiteWall Ambassador Chantal Weber is extremely rich. The Hamburg photographer has a feel for balanced image compositions and shows this through her fine lines. In…

From Wolves to Whales - the Daily Routine of a Wildlife Photographer

The photojournalist and passionate nature photographer Sander Jain loves the west coast of Canada. The rainy virgin forests with their mysterious, foggy mountainous slopes provide a magical setting.

Taking Successful Photos in Bad Weather - Photographing Storms

The "storm season" in Germany begins at the end of April. Sunshine results in higher temperatures, and the temperate atmospheric layers shift.

The Perfect Wedding Present from WhiteWall

Wedding season really gets rolling in May, when lovebirds can trade “I dos” in romantic outdoor locations. But what’s the best way for guests to bring a personal yet worthy gift that the happy couple…

Try Before You Buy: The New Hard Proof Option

Every shutterbug and pro photographer knows how important the little details are. The tiniest focus adjustment can completely change a shot’s overall impact.

Picture Design with Passepartouts - Creating a fascinating Work of Art

During the 16th century, works of art were finished with ink lines around their edges to increase their value, then gold borders and colored decorations were added - the hand-decorated French…

The best photo apps for smartphones

The smartphone has become an important medium in photography - and with the right tricks, you can even get even more from it. This is an overview of the most innovative photo apps.

Smartphone Photography: The Best Black & White Filters

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it,” said legendary American photographer Ansel Adams. High-contrast images are especially captivating in monochrome pictures. The image lies under a thin…

As Far as the Eye Can See: Tips for Perfect Panoramas

A photo is going viral around the world: Hamburg's Police Department made a picture of a golden sunset - out of a helicopter.