New Members In The Ambassador Program: These Professional Photographers Represent WhiteWall

Submitted by WhiteWall Team on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 08:29
WhiteWall Ambassadors 2021
WhiteWall Ambassadors 2021

The love for photography is paramount at WhiteWall: our dedicated team is always looking for new ways to create a photographic experience. This is why the new WhiteWall Ambassador Program is particularly dear to our heart. As part of the program we introduce five new photographers who are among the best in their genre: Mary Ruffinoni, Andreas P. Verrios, Isabelle Bacher, Daniel Zielske and Karsten Staiger. These international photo artists are the future global WhiteWall brand ambassadors and talk with us about their creative process in interviews and on social media.

Mary Ruffinoni was born in Besançon, France, also known as the city of art and history. At the age of fourteen, inspired by the photographs of renowned fashion magazines, Ruffinoni used a camera for the first time. Today she is a rising photographer in the fashion industry and has already worked for publications such as Vogue and L’Officiel.

MARY RUFFINONI - Stéphanie - 2020, Besançon
© MARY RUFFINONI - Stéphanie - 2020, Besançon

In the field of fashion and portrait photography, Ruffinoni has developed a distinctive style: in her timeless works she portrays the strength of women, either through stylized femininity or striking gestures. “I have a much more refined perception of the vibe that women can exude through photos, and I support them in doing so”, Ruffinoni says. She is totally enthused by the mysterious aura of her models: “Women have long been fighting for equal rights, which makes it so important for me to show confident protagonists in front of my camera.”

The American photographer Andreas P. Verrios has achieved worldwide fame on Instagram with the stage name Mr. NYC Subway. Verrios photographs in subway stations and his themes reveal the varied facets of the city of New York. For decades, artists such as Keith Haring or Marth Cooper have used the underground for their artistic expression. In 2017, Verrios started to capture the daily happenings on the train platforms. From the beginning, his pictures have reflected the zeitgeist while revealing a completely new facet of the underground.

Mr. NYC Subway - Taking Flight - Model: @femkeaaldering
© Mr. NYC Subway - Taking Flight - Model: @femkeaaldering

From dancers, prima ballerinas and musicians up to flamboyantly dressed artists or charismatic New Yorkers who spontaneously pose in front of his lens: Verrios wants to be surprised by the life of the city. “At the end of the day, I am always driven by creativity”, he writes about his artistic process. “There is an invisible energy that tells me what to do. I simply listen to it and follow it.“

The new WhiteWall ambassador Isabelle Bacher has risen to fame with a completely different genre. The Austrian artist takes her camera to snowy mountains and the arctic nature. “Maybe it is because of my Norwegian mother and my Scandinavian blood, my sun-sensitive skin or simply the fact that rough sceneries have always fascinated me more than palm trees and tropical beaches”, Bacher says.


Her works depict the powerful forces of nature and are elaborated in graphical and compositional perfection. During her photo trips through Northern Europe, she often perseveres for several days in front of a mountain range to study the shapes and lines very accurately in advance. The architect by education only takes a photo when everything is truly perfect: the incidence of light, the weather conditions and the interplay with the surrounding nature. For Isabelle Bacher, photography is a mindful process to make contact with nature. She frequently returns even without a picture when the subject could not reach up to her high standards. This unwavering patience pays off: her photographs have already been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Times and Terra Mater. In 2018, she was honored with the renowned Sony World Photography Award.

The German photographer Daniel Zielske travels around the world with his camera to discover new places. Together with his father Horst Zielske, he has published artful image books in the field of travel and urban photography. Also art photography is now part of his portfolio. With his works, Daniel Zielske offers a new perspective on buildings such as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Cologne Cathedral or Vienna State Opera. With unparalleled precision, Zielske captures the mood in large cities such as Shanghai, Berlin, Qatar and New York to create impressive evidence of contemporary history.

DANIEL ZIELSKE - Il Ponte di Rialto - 2020, Venice
© DANIEL ZIELSKE - Il Ponte di Rialto - 2020, Venice

Through long exposure times of up to 20 minutes, the themes often have an enraptured, almost unreal appearance. When Zielske photographs in nature, extraordinary pictures that tell forgotten stories come into existence amidst high fog, rain and clouds.

WhiteWall Ambassador Karsten Staiger has lived and worked in New York since 1995. There, he is constantly looking for the perfect theme and chooses the roofs as his creative refuge. For his works, Staiger explores the most hidden places and also photographs from unusual angles.


In the last two decades, the photographer has climbed up more than 100 buildings and even risked his life in vertiginous heights. From architecture photography and artist portraits up to billboards for international commercial clients – Karsten Staiger masters the entire spectrum of photography. Staiger’s works manifest a strong expressive power with emotional depth and stimulate imagination.

Mary Ruffinoni, Andreas P. Verrios, Isabelle Bacher, Daniel Zielske and Karsten Staiger: these five photo artists are fascinating additions to the WhiteWall Ambassador Community who shape contemporary photography with their unique style. By the way, interested professional photographers can apply for the Ambassador Program at WhiteWall Ambassadors.