Printing Instagram Photos: 4 Tips for Perfect Works of Art

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 08:32
Printing Instagram Photos

The social network Instagram is a collection of countless photographs. Germany alone counts over 15 million active users per month. Around there world, there are over 700 million. Users show of their most inspiring, emotional, and beautiful shots. There is no reason for these carefully selected, filtered, and edited photographs to just gather dust in cyberspace. Why not use them to spruce up your desk or living room wall instead? Here are some creative ideas for showing off your pictures.

Select Suitable Pictures from Your Instagram Profile

Choose Instagram pictures that maintain a high level of definition even when you zoom in. Instagram does not compromise the definition when you upload a picture as long as it is between 320 and 1080 pixels wide. Watch out for pictures that are too grainy – the filters can often have a negative impact on the picture quality.

Upload Straight from Your Smartphone

This part is easy! Upload the selected photo directly on the WhiteWall website. You can find the picture on your smartphone in its “Instagram” photo album – photos you upload to your profile are automatically saved here. Warning: this only applies if you have not deactivated the “Save original photos” in your Instagram settings. Otherwise, you can find the picture in your photo gallery or in the “recently deleted” album.

instagram pictures smartphone

Idea 1: Your Instagram Photo as a WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

With a WhiteWall Acrylic Mini, you can transform your best Instagram pictures into miniature works of art that are ready to mail! A real photo print mounted under glossy acrylic glass can be ordered in a perfect Instagram Format (5.1” x 5.1”) or 5.1” x 7.1”. Upload your picture, select the size you want, and you’re ready to go! Send Instagram pictures out of your social media account and into the real world, packed in an elegant silver envelope. The acrylic photo print can hang on the fridge with its built-in magnet or stand on a desk with the included stand. It also arrives ready to hang on your wall.

instagram pictures acrylic


Idea 2: Culinary Masterpieces for Your Own Kitchen

Is your profile a collection of countless food photographs from hot new eateries? Show off these culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen. The water resistant HD Metal Print can take the heat. It is also resistant to dust and humidity. Choose a shimmery metallic or glossy surface depending on which one makes your Instagram pictures look the most appetizing.

instagram pictures food

You can also decorate other rooms with a lot of humidity – such as bathrooms or sheltered outdoor areas – with an HD Metal Print.


Idea 3: Photos with a Sculptural Feel – The Acrylic Block

Present your Instagram photos with a striking appearance of depth. The glossy Acrylic Block has nearly an inch of acrylic glass. It stands alone – literally! The photograph is luminous and the colors are vivid on Kodak Pro Endura photo paper.

instagram pictures acrylic block

There are four sizes to choose from, including two square Instagram formats: 4” x 4” and 8” x 8”. It only takes a few clicks to transform your Instagram pictures into high gloss Acrylic Blocks.


Idea 4: Instagram Stories on Photo Canvases

The Instagram Stories feature has been online for about a year. It allows users to share short videos of moments from their everyday lives, almost like a digital diary. The uploaded pictures and videos disappear after 24 hours – but you can preserve your Stories for all eternity. Pick your best shots from special events (pro tip: try using the hashtag search) and create your own artistic arrangement of Canvas Prints.

instagram pictures print

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