Printing on Wood | An Interview with Jan-Ole Schmidt

Submitted by Fabian Peters on Wed, 01/06/2016 - 14:51
Wood Prints

Whether it’s in the conference room at the office or the privacy of your own bedroom, photo prints on wood make vibrant, stylish eye-catchers for almost any space. Unlike other materials, the solid wood backing creates a multidimensional appearance, presenting photos mounted on it in a warm and natural look. Jan-Ole Schmidt, a Product Manager at WhtiteWall, shared with us what makes Photo Prints on Wood so special, what kinds of images work particularly well on wood, and how to display wood mounts at home.

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Hello, Jan-Ole! WhiteWall now offers a traditional photo print mounted on wood. What is so special about this product? Jan-Ole Schmidt: The Original Photo Print on Wood offers a natural and multidimensional look thanks to the side edges that are about three-quarters of an inch thick. Additionally, the photo paper we use – Fuji Crystal DP II – ensures excellent image and color quality in both the matte and glossy variations.   WhiteWall offers both plywood and anthracite gray MDF panels. How do they differ? With both options, the side edges are visible in addition to the image. The plywood variation has the classic, natural wood look, whereas the MDF version is anthracite gray for a darker and slightly more understated look. The matte gray of the 3/4” thick MDF panel also nicely underscores the block-like character of the MDF.

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Plywood & anthracite gray MDF panels/ ©

With both products, customers can choose from a glossy or matte finish. What are reasons for choosing one or the other? Like all of WhiteWall’s glossy products, the glossy version creates more brilliant color and greater perceived contrast. Light reflections can also play a role in a picture’s appearance. The matte release prevents reflections and glare, providing a little bit softer look. Matte is also less sensitive to fingerprints.   What kinds of images work particularly well mounted on wood, and what sorts of images would you avoid? It’s hard to give a definitive blanket answer, because the two wood options – the natural and the anthracite gray – have such different effects on the picture’s overall appearance. Very generally speaking, I would tend to go with more natural images on the plywood. The MDF is great for any image that looks good with a dark border. But in addition to the particular photo, it’s a good idea to consider your furnishings and wall color too.

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What’s the best way to show off your photo print on wood? Most any room will do, however you should avoid hanging it in the bathroom or outdoors, because humidity will damage it over time. Different sizes and formats can be combined for a nice gallery wall. That way, you can build your own collection of memories and works of art, piece by piece. With the high gloss products, you’ll want to watch out for potential glare – particularly when there are bright lights or large windows across from the picture. Wood mounts can also be really powerful in rooms with other wooden furniture or home accessories.

How are the photos mounted on the wood? We use a high-quality adhesive that was specially developed for smooth mounting. Our team consists of experts when it comes to this process and guarantee top results without bubbles or other unevenness.   What’s the best way to clean a photo print on wood? The best way to clean a wood mount is with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. You can also moisten it a tad to clean the surface of the photograph. But avoid any scouring or scratchy materials at all costs. In general, matte surfaces require less cleaning since fingerprints and dust are much less visible.