RF Photography Annual Winners Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

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Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

You can count yourself lucky to find a job you love and enjoy day in, day out. The same can be said about life partners. Sharing the work you love with the person you love may seem like winning the lottery, but that’s exactly the case for Italian wedding photographers Gianluca and Mary Adovasio. Partners at work and in life, these two shoot weddings all over the world, capturing the genuine emotions of many happy couples’ big day. In December 2015, the couple was among the winners in the RF Photography Annual. We recently had a chance to ask Gianluca and Mary about their work and the winning photo.

rf annual keshia daniel wedding photography gianluca mary adovasio 1
Wedding in Positano - Keshia & Daniel/ © Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

Hi Gianluca and Mary! How did you first get interested in photography? We started working together 15 years ago. Choosing to become photographers with a studio was the culmination of a passion that we developed together over a long period of time. Have you always specialized in wedding/portrait photography? What attracts you to this line of work?  We started out with a few weddings and a lot of fashion lookbooks. After a while, we realized we had to put all of our energy into the field of wedding photography because fashion wasn’t giving us as much satisfaction, creatively. We like to tell stories, we like to create the great synergy with married couples coming together on their wedding day. Wedding photography is capturing the emotions of the moment—unique emotions. You can explore these with your own creativity, and every story is different. Weddings give us a chance to meet a lot of new people from different backgrounds. All around Europe and at home, we mainly work with people who aren’t from Italy.

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Wedding in Positano - Keshia & Daniel/ © Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

What can you tell us about your winning entry? Finding out that we were one of the winners of Rangefinder Magazine’s Photography Annual contest was very emotional and satisfying. To think that one of our pictures didn’t go unnoticed gave us much joy! That’s great! How did you take it? What kind of camera/equipment did you shoot with? How much post-processing is involved in a great shot like this? Was black & white always the plan, or was that a decision made after the fact? When we took the shot, we weren’t thinking it would be black and white. That was a choice in post-production. To take this picture, we used a Nikon D3 body with a 35mm F1.4 lens. As far as post-production goes, we used VSCO film pack 02 and Kodak TRI-X++ with our set-up.

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Danielle & Conor -- Wedding in Chateau La Durantie   / Wedding in Chateau / © Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

What are your favorite substrates for wedding photo prints? Why? Do your clients tend to have similar preferences or their own ideas about what they want? For wedding photo prints, we only choose the high quality of Fine Art Prints. Always on Hahnemühle paper or Epson. Any tips for photographers who want to achieve a similar look? Our advice? Work with passion. Great passion! You should always be looking for new inspirations and aspiring to do better and better. Never settle for what you’ve already accomplished.

Finding the Perfect Print Format and Framing Style: Tipps from WhiteWall Booth Creative Director Andrea Scholtyssek-Kohlhase 

For our booth at the WPPI Expo in Las Vegas (#116),  Andrea Scholtyssek-Kohlhase selected their photo “Keisha After Getting Ready”. Working directly from the digital file, and simply uploading the file onto us.whitewall.com, she created a real photographic print mounted on aluminum dibond and sealed under a layer of museum-quality acrylic, in glossy. She then set the mounted acrylic print in a custom picture frame in size 23 ¾ by 35 ¼ inches. “This is a really intimate and quiet moment. To make this beautiful portrait of the bride really shine, we mounted it under glossy acrylic and put it in a modern, silver- colored wood picture frame.”

rf annual wedding photography gianluca mary adovasio

Gianluca and Mary Adovasio are Italian and destination wedding photographers with a commitment to sharing the beautiful emotions of tying the knot.