The Perfect Wedding Present from WhiteWall

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 11:54
The Perfect Wedding Present from WhiteWall

Wedding season really gets rolling in May, when lovebirds can trade “I dos” in romantic outdoor locations. But what’s the best way for guests to bring a personal yet worthy gift that the happy couple can enjoy for the rest of their lives? A breathtaking portrait of the couple makes a perfect present! Here is some creative inspiration for one-of-a-kind photo gifts.

Idea 1: A Large-format Work of Art for the Home

Those who want to make a big impact with their gift can have the couple’s favorite portrait transformed into a large-format work of art. “A sophisticated gallery frame with an asymmetrical linen passe-partout is the perfect way to put the picture in the spotlight,” advises our photo expert Jan-Ole Schmidt.

perfect wedding gift 1

The bright linen material appears soft and elegant, and an elaborate frame such as the London model can make the photograph appear especially expressive.

perfect wedding gift 2

Tip: The further in advance of the big day, the easier it is to ask about the couple’s favorite photo without arousing suspicion! Smaller photos on display in their home might also provide important clues as to what kind of photos they like to keep around.

Idea 2: Put Together a Collection of Beautiful Moments in a Photo Book

Especially when it comes to good friends, putting together a book of your happiest memories can be a very emotional present. Often, your smartphone or hard drive will already contain a bevy of moving moments just waiting to be immortalized in a Photo Book. Different photo papers are better for different kinds of pictures. “If the photo book is going to be passed around a lot, then a matte version is a great idea, because it won’t get covered in fingerprints. The matte Premium Digital Print is the perfect choice here,” recommends our expert Jan-Ole Schmidt. As a basic rule, however, the more contrast in the photos, the glossier your photo paper should be. “Matte paper creates more mild contrasts and a softer, more natural look,” Schmidt says.

perfect wedding gift 3

Tip: A soft linen cover looks very elegant and adds the perfect romantic touch to your photo book wedding gift. You can find more tips and tricks for creating a photo book in our Magazine.

Idea 3: A Majestic Acrylic Block is an Ideal Companion to a Cash Gift

Cash gifts have an unwarranted reputation. In fact, they help newlyweds to purchase something they truly need or pay for their honeymoon. “Money can seem like a clumsy gift, but it really all depends on how it’s packaged. You can find a very personal and individual way to give cash,” says wedding expert Cathrin Müller from the website einfachverheiratet. For example, accompany a cash gift with a glossy Acrylic Block for a personal work of art with a sculptural feel. With the portrait printed on premium Kodak paper and mounted under nearly an inch of acrylic glass, the piece has an extraordinary depth effect.

perfect wedding gift 4

The Acrylic Block stands alone and can be displayed on flat surfaces anywhere in the house. The perfect wedding gift is not just a myth after all!

Andrea Bruchwitz / Benjamin Arntz