Wedding Photo Business Tools | Introducing ShootProof

Submitted by Benjamin Arntz on Wed, 02/24/2016 - 16:53

Running a successful wedding photography business may be creatively rewarding but it also brings various challenges. Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, the right commerce tools and attitude can make all the difference. Here is why we think ShootProof, an easy-to-use platform for wedding photographers, may be just what you need. It offers timesaving business solutions for optimizing workflow and driving sales. Because after all, photography should be about capturing the moments that matter. ShootProof effectively allows photographers to upload, share, and sell their work through customizable client galleries. Furthermore, a user can create and send invoices, manage contacts, and design custom mobile apps.

Here are our 5 favorite ShootProof features:

Commission-free Sales Set your own prices, offer digitals and lab-printed products, manage orders quickly and easily, and NEVER pay a commission fee. Automated Email Marketing: You can send emails to clients and visitors automatically to let them know that a gallery is live and ready for viewing; to remind them of sales, promotions, and gallery expiration deadlines; or as thank you messages for placing an order. Emails are branded with the studio’s logo and gallery imagery.

Mobile Apps: Impress clients with custom digital photo albums for their phones and tablets, and increase word-of-mouth referrals and brand awareness. By embedding custom links, you can also create themes that match your brand. Download a sample Mobile App. Favorite, Label, and Hide Images: Visitors can easily choose their favorite photos with just one click, and then share them with friends and family. With customizable labels, clients can mark images for album selection, retouching, and more. Plus, the Hide feature allows a main contact to choose which photos should be hidden from the view of other gallery visitors.

The client galleries can be in local languages

Invoicing: Easily send invoices to clients and accept payments online for session fees, retainers, and more.