WhiteWall Hamburg: The Big Opening Ceremony

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 09:23
The new WhiteWall Store in Hamburg, Germany
WhiteWall Store in Hamburg, Germany

WhiteWall celebrated the opening of its Hamburg showroom on November 19th. Many excited visitors came to the new store to see the wide range of papers and substrates. The WhiteWall team was delighted to welcome everyone.

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The showroom gives a real sense of options and quality. The walls showcase the work of photographers and offer great examples of how finished photographs will look on a variety of substrates. WhiteWall's passionate employees informed about the right product, format and framing - there are numerous possibilities.

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Visitors could feel the maritime flair: Despite of local gourmet food there was a large artwork of Hamburg's famous
Speicherstadt, a historic warehouse building in the harbor.

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Surprise! Every guest got a WhiteWall print showing an artwork of German artist Andreas Elsholz.

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Hamburg's store manager Victoria Schlage was delighted: "I want to show our customers that they are in good hands. Producing an artwork is an emotional process. We want to assist them professionally and personally. As a former store manager of WhiteWall Store Berlin I can confirm: Everyone who has ever been in a WhiteWall Store wants to come back - because of the great atmosphere."

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WhiteWall Store Hamburg
Gerhofstraße 2-8 20354 Hamburg

Opening hours:
Mo-Sa, 10 am - 7 pm