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Anything but urban monotony: Architectural world of color by Paul Eis

Short profile

Berlin-based photographer Paul Eis stages classical architecture through photography, mixes different styles, and digitally processes his photos into intense worlds of colour. The abstract aesthetics of the young artist's photographs already led him to more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.

In the photography project "A colourful makeover of architecture" from 2015, he raises the question of why our cities have become so grey, monotonous, and hostile to life and if it might not be about time to make them friendlier, livelier, simply more colourful? The images of the social media project have been published and exhibited internationally, most recently at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice.

Portrait of Paul Eis.


How did you get into photography?

Actually already as a child, when I got my first simple camera. Later as a teenager I bought my first SLR camera with which I also started to get more seriously involved in photography. At that time photography was always something playful for me and I was quickly attracted by changes in the pictures to take new things out of reality and to re-interpret them. I think my enthusiasm for architecture and the possibilities of creating worlds with simple ideas motivated me to get into photography. Since then photography has always been a way for me to make imaginations visual.

The explicit trigger for this photo series was the architecture of the prefabricated housing estates in Berlin and the question of how to deal with such geometrically strong but at the same time incredibly dreary façades in order to create more lively spaces.


Staircase (left) and right the same staircase in color - Photos: Paul Eis.

How do you get inspired to develop your image ideas?

It‘s usually difficult for me to name a single source of inspiration. I think the closest I would come to is that the "reality" that is immediately around you is my biggest source of inspiration. Of course, this can be things or buildings that I like or I exactly don't like. But just as well conversations or events. The endless stream of impressions through social media has certainly left one or two traces on me as well. I think the most important thing for me is always to keep my eyes and ears open for new influences.


Empty building (left) and the same building in color (right) - Photo: Paul Eis.

Where can people find you when you are not behind the camera?

When I'm not at university or working on architectural projects with various offices you can find me in nature on my racing bike or in the mountains. Or on excursions and trips which have already taken me to many inspiring places. I also use my free time to develop and try out new ideas. Since my main profession is architecture photography is still something I can do casually with a lot of enthusiasm and the joy of experimenting.

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