Image Collection

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1) What is the Picture World?

WhiteWall’s Picture World offers more than 24,000 images in 16 categories for those seeking great art for their homes but who haven’t found the right image yet. Every image has been carefully selected on the basis of its photographic and artistic qualities. In the Picture World, you will find photos divided into themes such as Landscapes, Water & Beaches, Cities, People, Wildlife, etc. and collector’s pieces such as movie posters and advertisements. To top

2) Can I edit the images or customize them?

Yes, you can edit and customize the pictures according to your tastes. Crop, adjust image values, apply image effects, change the orientation, or even split a photo into multiple parts. Naturally, the size and format are also up to you. To top

3) What is the image reproduction fee and how is it calculated?

The image reproduction fee is the licensing cost required to use the image and is separate from the production costs. The reproduction fee is incurred per reproduction of an image; for example, if you order two prints of the same image, the reproduction fee will be incurred twice. The amount of the reproduction fee is dependent on the size of the print ordered and the picture’s licensing group. The following table provides an overview of the costs.
  Up to 19 5/16" (49 cm)* Over 19 5/16" (50 cm)* Over 39 3/8" (100 cm)*
Licensing group 1 5 USD 9 USD 15 USD
Licensing group 2 7 USD 15 USD 19 USD
Licensing group 3 9 USD 19 USD 29 USD
Licensing group 4 10 USD 44 USD 99 USD
*Length of the reproduction’s longer edge To top

4) Where do the images in the Picture World come from?

The images in the Picture World come from known photographers and noteworthy image archives. That is how we make sure that every picture meets high artistic and photographic standards. To top

5) What is the Certificate of Authenticity?

When you order a picture from the WhiteWall Picture World, you always receive a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate confirms that your print is an original, and that it is a dated, numbered, and signed art edition. The materials used are certified for at least 25 years of brilliant color. The Certificate of Authenticity confirms that your art edition was produced in a leading, gallery-grade photo lab and inspected by quality assurance experts. To top