Read exclusive interviews with the stars of the industry and sink into interesting discussions about photography. Here you can learn all about the passion, working methods and preferred equipment of renowned photographers. Let the professionals inspire you and find out what drives them to create new art every day.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Portrait of a young woman with short hair wearing glasses

Arles 2024 : Interview mit Verdiana Albano

German-English artist Verdiana Albano presents her exhibition "On the Vastness of our identities" at FOTOHAUS Arles during the Rencontres. Discover our interview with her.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

young man throwing himself off a cliff into the sea

Jérémy Appert wins the Public Prize at Circulation(s) 2024

Young self-taught artist Jérémy Appert wins this year's Prix du Public with his series "Ilinx", as well as a WhiteWall endowment. Discover the artist and his series.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Street szene in New York, people with umbrellas, photo by Phil Penman.

Black & White Interview with Phil Penman

In this interview, Phil Penman talks about his love of black and white photography, his role models in the genre, and the technical tricks he employs.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Landscape photo in black & white by Natalie Oberg.

Black & White Interview with Natalie Oberg

For this interview, WhiteWall Art Director Fabian Fischer visited Natalie Oberg at her current home on the picturesque island of Cyprus. He accompanied her on a photography tour to learn more about her inspiration, creative process, and the subtle power of storytelling in black and white.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Black and white photo of three people lying on the ground lined up in geometric form.

Interview with Alexandre Souêtre

Alexandre Souêtre, born and raised in Paris, is a photographer, brand consultant and art director currently living in Los Angeles, Paris and Portland. His photographs have appeared in numerous magazines. In this interview, he talks at length about his fascination with black and white photography and why it is so much more to him than "just" images without color.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

WhiteWall Design Edition by Studio Besau-Maguerre

With the new WhiteWall Design Edition by Studio Besau-Marguerre you bring your photo impressively to the fore. In cooperation with the Hamburg designers Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau three unique frames in the color worlds yellow, purple, and green have been created.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Interview with Phil Penman in Trondheim

Phil Penman's distinctive style, versatility, and dedication to his craft have earned him prestigious awards and exhibitions, as well as being named one of the "52 Most Influential Street Photographers". As part of the current winter campaign he produced with WhiteWall in Norway, we were able to ask him a few choice questions about his work.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Delphine Diallo standing next to a woman in a gallery.

Interview with Delphine Diallo in Arles

Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer. Diallo combines artistry with activism, pushing the many possibilities of empowering women, youth, and cultural minorities through visual provocation.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Lorenz Holder standing next to his photo of a BMX athlete riding down stairs as an acrylic photo print in a solid wood gallery frame.

The Fascination of Actionsports Photography – Interview with Lorenz Holder

In his pictures, the viewer is invited to discover. Action sport is often visible here only at second glance. Holder's works are very often characterized by a very high conceptual effort, in which he always tries to go new and creative ways.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Karsten Staiger looking at his photo as an acrylic photo print in a floater frame hanging on a wall in a lobby.

New York Love Story - Interview with Karsten Staiger

Already a master of complex lighting and technology, his obsession with the extreme juxtaposition between light, weather patterns and the textured cityscape revealed at dizzying heights ultimately led him to shift his lens towards the City.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Mother and daughter playing on a beach among seagulls - photo in black and white by Anastasia Prodous.

Pregnancy and baby photos - Interview with Anastasia Prodous

Photographer Anastasia Prodous lives and works in Sydney, Australia, and specialises in pregnancy and baby photography. In addition to classic studio pictures, Anastasia also photographs her clients at home or at secret locations in the beautiful Australian countryside.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Mary Ruffinoni holding a camera at the viewer.

Interview with fashion photographer Mary Ruffinoni

Mary Ruffinoni took a camera for the first time at a very early age, fourteen. Inspired by the glossy images from renowned fashion magazines and the social media presence of a wide variety of exciting photographers, she developed her very own take on fashion.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Polar lights over mountain landscape - photo by Isabelle Bacher.

A love for cool beauty - Interview with Isabelle Bacher

When you hear that someone 'works where others go on vacation', the first thing that you probably think of is a tropical paradise or a major metropolis. For Isabelle Bacher, something else entirely comes to mind. For her, the perfect subject has snowy peaks and a pleasant temperature that poses a challenge for both the body & technology.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Icy beach in front of a sunset - photo by Bart Heirweg.

An Ode To Landscape Photography - Bart Heirweg

Belgian photographer Bart Heirweg shows the primal beauty of nature from a new perspective.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz / Benjamin Arntz

Woman with sensual look lying on a bed - photo by Jan Scholz.

The High Art of Nude Photography: A Conversation with Jan Scholz

Photographer Jan Scholz creates artistic pieces that captivate viewers through their empathetic and highly aesthetic visual language. In our interview, he talks about his inner drive and ideals – and shares some invaluable tips on nude photography.