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Photo Prints With Picture Frames


Close-up of a lying frame corner of the WhiteWall Design Edition.
WhiteWall Design Edition
by Studio Besau-Marguerre
  • NEW: Design frame with color gradient

  • Available in 3 colour editions - green, purple, and yellow

  • A variety of mounts to choose from

from¥ 749.95


Close up of the image of a white horse jumping in a desert landscape framed in a Floater Frame.
Floater Frame
  • Effective gap between picture and frame

  • Different frame mouldings and colours to choose from

  • Sophisticated frame for canvas or mounted prints

from¥ 647.95


Close up of a night shot of a gas station in an Aluminium ArtBox.
Aluminium ArtBox
  • Elegant aluminium floater frame

  • The look: delicate from the front

  • Selection of diverse substrates and frame depths

from¥ 551.95


Close up of a person holds a turban from a woman in in a Solid Wood ArtBox.
Solid Wood ArtBox
  • Special solid wood frame with a depth of 35 mm

  • The look: delicate width, impressive depth from the side

  • 4 frame colors and different substrates to choose from

from¥ 392.95


Close up of an overcast cloud in a mountain range in a Gallery Frame.
Gallery Frame
  • Different frame mouldings from modern to classic

  • Large selection of colours and frame widths

  • Choose from various substrates including acrylic glass

from¥ 573.95


Close up of a woman has her portrait taken on a chest of drawers in a Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout.
Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout
  • A classic look: directs focus to your photo

  • 10 colours for single or double matting

  • Choose from numerous frames in various colours

from¥ 623.95


Close up of a portrait of a woman on an Acrylic Print With Slimline Case.
Acrylic Print With Slimline Case
  • 4 Colors to Choose from

  • A modern aluminium frame, just 1 mm (0,039 in.) wide

  • The perfect finishing touch for your acrylic print

from¥ 484.95


Close up of a corner of a Shadow Box Frame.
Shadow Box Frame
  • Showcase effect: eye-catching display in an extra-deep frame

  • 4 different ways to present your picture

  • Available with floating mat board

from¥ 976.95


Close up of a corner of the red Pop Art Frame.
Print With Pop Art Frame
  • Glossy acrylic glass frame

  • Colourful versions with a neon effect

  • Floating effect created through small gap

from¥ 555.95

The Advantages Of Framed Photo Prints From WhiteWall

  • In-House Frame Manufacture

  • 100 Frame Models

  • Diverse Printing Materials & Options

  • Individual, Custom Formats

  • Wall Mount Included


What Our Customers Are Saying About Framed Pictures

The last set of framed pictures I ordered were shown in an exhibition. The visitors were all impressed by how brilliant the images were as well as how flawlessly they were framed.

The phenomenal quality of WhiteWall products has led me to order many photo gifts and large-format, framed acrylic glass prints. I am absolutely thrilled with the premium quality of each and every product. I will order here again!

Great product, the frame is beautiful and solidly put together, and they offered flexible delivery for larger framed prints.

I am extremely satisfied with WhiteWall. The photo and frame look fantastic!

The quality and colour reproduction really stand out!

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Framed Prints FAQ - The answers to all your questions

What is special about framed photos from WhiteWall?

WhiteWall offers tailor-made photo frames produced in our carpentry workshop next to the photo lab. Each frame is designed individually with high-quality materials to showcase your design, making each framed picture a truly unique piece of art.

How can I order framed photos online?

You can use the configurator to print and frame your photo online. Simply select the type of frame you want or choose your preferred support for the print and add a frame when configuring the product. Then confirm your order.

What options are available for photo frames?

WhiteWall offers a wide range of option to customize your framed photos. Classic matted wooden frames, from the floater frame to modern aluminum frames (such as the Slimline frame) provides a discreet border that follows the contours of your painting. For each frame, several colors or types of wood are available in order to best highlight the colors of your design. Depending on the type of frame, you can also choose the width of the frame. For matted frames, you can choose the color and width of the border on each side as well as the type of paper: photo paper or fine art paper from Hahnemühle or Canson. Finally, all solid printing supports such as acrylic, aluminum or Forex are available with a frame.

What are the production and delivery deadlines for photo frame?

For a framed photo, it will take about 11 working days for production and delivery.

What sizes and formats are available for my photo frame?

For your framed photo, WhiteWall offers you standard or made-to-measure formats, printed by the cm, thus respecting the original format of your photo. Depending on your design, choose a square format, 2:3, 3:4, DIN, panorama, etc. The maximum possible dimensions depends on the type of printing option that you choose for your photo. For example, it is possible to print a photo under acrylic up to a maximum size of 290 cm and up to 180 cm on aluminum. Framing is added to the dimensions of your picture. This allows you to have your photo framed, even in impressive sizes, such as the Masterprint up to 500 cm.

Is it possible to receive advice before ordering framed prints? 

Benefit from expert advice at WhiteWall. Our advisers are on hand to answer all your questions about your design, choice of material and finishes. You can also discover all the WhiteWall products in stores and meet our advisers for personalized assistance.

What type of photo frame should I choose for my picture?

The choice of your framed photo depends on the type of picture as well as the room in which it will be exhibited. Discover the frames for all types of styles and interior designs. Classical glass frames or matted frames will are recommended to showcase more artistic and minimalist designs. The Pop-Art frame with its vibrant neon colors is the perfect match for modern colorful patterns; it will bring out the colors in the picture. For minimalist pictures in large formats or urban and architectural images, the Slimline Case with its discreet border will provide a subtle backdrop. Wooden frames such as the floater frame or the Artbox with their various types of wood are suitable for a wide range of designs, for people and landscapes. These pictures can be seamlessly integrated as a decorative element in many interiors.

How can I hang my photo frame?

A wall-mounting system is also delivered with the picture to ensure your design receives optimal exposure.

Why should I choose WhiteWall to frame my photo?

WhiteWall offers unique expertise and guarantees flawless results for your photo frame. In 2021, WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the fourth time by the TIPA Awards for the quality of its products. Only WhiteWall provides tailor-made formats. We offer a wide range of options to make the most of the design’s specific characteristics and customize your picture to create a truly unique framed photo. Last but not least, WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.