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Burak Boylu lives and works in Izmir on the Aegean coast of Turkey. With the whimsical aesthetic of his smartphone images, he is reaching an ever-growing audience via social media.

Burak's photographs are published in well-known online photo magazines and galleries such as Apple, Broad Magazine, Noice Magazine, Architectural Digest, VSCO, Spaceless Gallery, and Soft Magazine. In the interview, he reveals more about his philosophy and which television series are currently inspiring him in particular.

Portrait of Burak Boylu.


Can you tell us a little bit about how you became a photographer?

Since I have my iPhone with me, capturing every moment and turning into a piece of art is like a kind of meditation for me. I shoot the small details which go unnoticed in daily life.

Ambience image of framed photographs of the tennis field series with purple and green colors.

Photo: Burak Boylu

Please share something about your images. What is your special interest? How do you choose the colors, composition, themes etc.?   

I believe photography speaks. People can communicate with each other through photographic visual language. In these series you will discover that each photo has something to tell even if it looks so ordinary.

Ambience image of photographs with summer motifs, stacked ice cream cones and pool ladder.

Photo: Burak Boylu

How do you get inspired? And what inspires you the most? Films, books, or magazines? Or what surrounds you?    

You can find deep textures, minimal art, and colored themes in my photography. I get inspired by some photographers/artists which I follow on Instagram such as Guy Bolongaro, Sam Youkilis, and Piero Percoco etc. They have such a unique style which impress me and open new perspectives in my mind.  

I like to watch movies from directors such as Gaspar Noe, Ruben Östlund, and Darren Aronofsky. The show which I enjoyed recently was a series on HBO called ''The White Lotus''.

Ambience image of a framed photograph with yellow Design Edition frame and a yellow balloon with a smiley face.

Photo: Burak Boylu

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