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The designers Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

The new WhiteWall Design Edition by Studio Besau-Maguerre helps make your photo truly outstanding. In cooperation with Hamburg designers Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, three unique frames in the color schemes of yellow, purple, and green have been created.

The special feature is that each frame consists of four different colored strips of the color tone, which are arranged in a fixed order to really make your image stand out.

Last year, the German magazine Architectural Digest included the designers in its list of the 100 best designers and creatives from the fields of interior design, architecture, and design. The interdisciplinary studio is notable for its exciting color combinations, which are an integral part of its design language.

A portrait of the designers Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau.
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Your photo as part of the WhiteWall Design Edition with passe-partout

Our contribution is the color design of the frame and the photographers bring in their photography – Interview with Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

The design process of the WhiteWall Design Edition by Studio Besau-Maguerre

We are very pleased to have worked with you to create these unique WhiteWall Design Edition frames. What was especially important to you in this design collaboration?

For us, it is especially important to share a common understanding of design, quality, attention to detail, and last but not least continuous curiosity. An appreciative and cooperative relationship with our customers provides the freedom for creativity and the potential to create something special.

What role does photography play in your day-to-day business? Where do you see the points of contact and a special opportunity for photographers here?

Photography is certainly part of our everyday work. We look for images, work with stylists & photographers, do our own shoots and 3D visualizations. Images also serve as substitutes for the real, haptic experience in our increasingly digital world. Customers have become accustomed to rating products via images. We have developed an intuitive eye for images through our work and we ask ourselves questions such as: What does an image convey? What is the viewing perspective in the image? What value is conveyed by an image in a space? How do you draw attention to the product? Because images are such a large part of a space and have a significant impact on the mood in a room. 

What kind of photography are the colors of the Design Edition suitable for? Can you choose any color scheme for any image?

We can only partially answer that question, as the customer is the one finalizing the work. Different dialogues are created between the type of image and the color of the frame. There is always an interplay. Each composition forges a different connection. That is exactly what makes it so exciting. Our contribution is the color design of the frame and then the photographers bring in their photography.

How did you come up with the color gradient for the frames?

That was a lengthy process. The indirect trigger was the selection of the color gradients. We started out with the following: a frame has four sides. If you take apart the frame, you have four individual wooden borders. That is why there was initially the idea of working with four different colors. But then we were worried that it might be too overwhelming or too difficult for customers to make the right choice. This led us to "take a step back". The result was the color schemes that we have now, not too loud and enjoying harmonious contrasts. In the final step, we then intuitively selected the color, which was also influenced by the different ways of looking at the product, at light and, of course, at art.  


The selection of the frame strips from the color schemes of green, purple, and yellow

Which color scheme within the frame collection is most important to you? Which color scheme appeals to you the most personally?

Eva Marguerre: The three color schemes are complex and there are a lot of variables that are possible for different images. Personally, the yellow color scheme is my favorite, as yellow symbolizes lightness and airiness. This version will also have a place in our own home. 

Marcel Besau: The three colors are all very nice. I especially like the green color scheme with black and white photography. The configurator also offers all of the visualization options. All photographers and designers can get creative here themselves.

WhiteWall Design Edition

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Design expertise combined with perfect craftsmanship

In our in-house frame workshop, the frame borders of the WhiteWall Design Edition by Studio Besau-Marguerre are individually processed for every photograph.

Each frame consists of four strips of the respective color tone, arranged in a fixed order

The Design Edition is available for the "Hamburg, 20mm" frame and in various product configurations – for example as a lamination set behind acrylic glass or as a classic matted frame.

Design options from the diverse WhiteWall range

Whether with passe-partout or behind acrylic glass, the WhiteWall Design Edition creates unique works out of your own photographs with special frames in gallery quality.

Frames in the modern context

"In the Design Edition for WhiteWall, the frame is intended to become the hero, a special piece that engages in an exciting dialogue with the photograph."

Designer duo Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau from Hamburg.

Close-up of a lying frame corner with numbers pointing to different product parts.

Your options for framed lamination set behind acrylic

The modern design of an image set behind glossy acrylic satisfies the highest demands and harmonizes perfectly with our Design Edition. We use high-quality photo paper from Fuji and Ilford for your image and mount the print under acrylic glass. Then your image will be framed with our 20 mm wide Hamburg frame profile in one of the three design editions. If desired, you can choose a white border for your image, creating some visual distance to the colored frame.

  • 1Alu-dibond backing with integrated mounting
  • 2Photo prints on Fuji Crystal DP II or Ilford B/W Paper
  • 3Glossy acrylic glass 2 mm thick
  • 4Hamburg frame profile 20 mm, matte painted surface
Close-up of a lying frame corner with numbers pointing to different product parts.

Your design options for a presentation with matting

Present your photographs in the classically elegant combination of exquisite matting and a custom-made frame made of wood. Choose between photo prints or fine art prints, a variety of glass options and configure the color and width of the matting according to your preferences. Your image will be enclosed in a 20 mm wide frame (Hamburg profile) with a matte painted surface. The striking colors of the Design Edition subtly enhance the effect of the matting.

  • 1Backing with integrated mounting
  • 2Photo print or fine art print
  • 3Matting
  • 4Glass
  • 5Hamburg frame profile 20 mm, matte painted surface
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