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two-part composition of still life photography with wilted flowers by Kate Ishora.

“For me, photography is visual poetry” ‒ Kate Ishora

Kate Ishora currently works as a graphic designer and psychologist, focusing on the combination of psychology and photography. In the interview, she explains why she describes herself as a “photo researcher”, how she helped her parents develop photo films in the bathroom as a child and why she says she suffers from imposter syndrome.

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low light photo with face close up by Grade Solomon.

Homage to a changing world - Grade Solomon

Grade Solomon, born in 1999, is a Korean-American photographer living in Ridgewood, New York. His work has been collected by institutions such as the Harvard Fine Art Library, the New York Public Library, and VCU Special Collections. In this interview, he talks about how he got into photography through skateboarding with friends, why he can make the world look the way he wants at night and why it’s important to persevere with creative ideas.

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three-piece dystopia series by Nils Riedweg.

Isolation and paranoia: DYSTOPIA by Nils Riedweg

Nils Riedweg was awarded ‘Fine Art Photographer of the Year’ at the International Photography Awards in New York in 2022, a testament to his talent and dedication. His works have gained international recognition and show the powerful combination of cinema, photography and everyday stories through his lens. In this interview, he tells us more about his fascination with film and cinema, what inspires him and how he approaches a new subject.

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