Special moments for Mother's Day - Interview with Anastasia Prodous

Mother and daughter playing on a beach among seagulls - photo in black and white by Anastasia Prodous.

Photo: Anastasia Prodous - mother and daughter playing on a beach among seagulls.

Short profile

Photographer Anastasia Prodous lives and works in Sydney, Australia, and specialises in pregnancy and baby photography. In addition to classic studio pictures, Anastasia also photographs her clients at home or at secret locations in the beautiful Australian countryside.

To capture the emotions in a shoot, Anastasia takes time with the people she photographs: "I always ask my clients what location is the best for their family. It’s their story and I prefer them to feel comfortable."

portrait of Anastasia Prodous.

How do you prevent your pictures from looking kitschy?

I am absolutely sure that photographs are the reflection of the photographer’s soul and perception of the environment around. There’s a lot of work behind each photograph; I spend lots of time talking to my clients to know them better and by the time we meet for a photoshoot we are not strangers anymore. I see the women’s world and I also open mine, there is no place for fake smiles and pretence, only the true story. 

on the left smiling woman holding her baby on a beach, on the right bearded man holding the small foot of his baby.

Photo: Anastasia Prodous - a mother holding her child (left), a father holding a baby´s foot (right).

What do you have to look out for to ensure that pregnancy and baby photos look high quality? 

If we talking about resolution of image, of course photographer’s gear is most important part, especially it’s the lenses that plays a big part in the final image. It can combine the latest released mirrorless camera and expensive lenses or even an affordable option or even a film camera - it doesn’t really matter, if it gives you the same quality images and does what you ask, it’s ok. It all depends on what tasks the photographer has to undertake. Another important thing is ,of course, light . Each photographer decides how much of it and what nature it should be to get the results. And inspiration! The last but most important. This fire inside makes it all possible, your work always will be special, no matter what quality it is.

What are the challenges of photographing pregnant women? 

The biggest challenge and my mission I would say is to get women to love themselves as they are. We are all different and your body is a treasure that needs love and care. With my photography I try to show how beautiful they are, to encourage them to be proud of their bodies. They deserve to be loved and desired unconditionally. 

Pregnant woman lying in pool of water in stone landscape.

Photo: Anastasia Prodous - pregnant woman lying in water.

How do you choose the location and the light you want?

That depends entirely on who I have in front of the camera. I always ask my clients what location  is the best for their family. It’s their story and I prefer them to feel comfortable , I want them to live their life . So it’s always a compromise. I love  to photograph on the beach and I have a few secret spots with no people and beautiful wild nature . Its suitable for all purposes . But home sessions are also special for me . I come with my camera to capture special moments in life and I want to keep everything as it is , unique home atmosphere and the people in it.

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"I believe that the female form is art- regardless of the shape it takes."