ArtBox Gift Edition

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ArtBox standing next to a gift box.

A unique gift with a design object effect

Our ArtBox Gift Edition is the perfect surprise for any occasion! The narrow wooden frame subtly encloses your photo from the front and is ideal for bringing out the best in small images. The ArtBox is also impressive from the side, giving the image an extraordinary depth that turns every picture into a unique design object. The elegant gift box is the perfect finishing touch.

  • A Special Gift with Sculptural Feel

  • High quality wooden frame

  • For hanging or standing

  • Choose from six Colours

  • With matte or glossy acrylic

  • With gift box

Two ArtBoxes standing back to back, with numbers pointing to different parts.

Your gift in top-notch WhiteWall quality

Our ArtBox is a statement of contemporary style and consummate quality. We first develop your photograph on Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper and then laminate the print behind gallery-quality acrylic glass. The 35mm deep frame allows your image to be placed freestanding anywhere in the room. Alternatively, the milled joint all around the back of the frame also makes it easy to hang on the wall.

  • 1Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper
  • 2Acrylic glass, glossy or matte
  • 3Solid Wood ArtBox
  • 4Integrated suspension
Standing ArtBox with glossy acrylic surface against a white background.Standing ArtBox with matte acrylic surface against a white background.

Glossy or matte: choose the right finish

We offer the ArtBox Gift Edition in glossy or matte acrylic, so you can match the finish to your image perfectly.

The glossy surface emphasizes the colors and contrasts more strongly. That makes it particularly suitable for busy images with intense colors as well as for landscapes. The matte surface reduces reflections and gives the image a silky shimmer. This allows images with an especially atmospheric mood and subtle colors to unfold their full potential. However, a matte finish is also great for portraits.

Close up of an Acrylic Print with glossy acrylic surface.Glossy
Close up of an Acrylic Print with matte acrylic surface.Matte

A frame made of elegant wood

The warm, natural look of high-end wood always gives a photograph an elegant finish. With our ArtBox Gift Edition, you can choose from real wood veneers in six different colors. The frame itself becomes a design element that you can use to guide the imagery in a specific direction. Regardless of your choice, however, you will always receive a handmade crafted product from our own frame workshop.

Standing ArtBox with frame color Natural oak against a white background.Standing ArtBox with frame color Black oak against a white background.Standing ArtBox with frame color Alder brown against a white background.Standing ArtBox with frame color Walnut against a white background.Standing ArtBox with frame color Natural maple against a white background.Standing ArtBox with frame color White maple against a white background.
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Wood ArtBox, 0.16 in. (4 mm)

Natural Oak

A beautiful gift for any occasion

Whether it's a spectacular shot of nature, an urban scene or a very personal image that recalls a shared journey or a precious moment – giving a photograph as a stylish design object is always something very special. While the elegant wooden frame is timeless and fits harmoniously into any ambience, the ArtBox's commanding depth turns it into a sculptural object at the same time that adds a modern accent to an interior.

ArtBox lying on top of a closed gift box.

Every elegant gift deserves exquisite packaging

The high-quality gift box enhances the special act of giving even more. As if enclosed in a matted framed, the ArtBox lies in an elegant, anthracite-colored box, accentuating the high quality of the materials used. Thanks to the precise cut, the gift lies securely in the box and yet can still be easily removed.

ArtBox lying in gift box.

The right format for your image

The format and size also needs to fit the subject so that your photograph can be displayed at its very best. The ArtBox Gift Edition is available in three formats.

  • As square in 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) or 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 in.)

  • As portrait or landscape format in 15 x 20 cm / 20 x 15 cm (6 x 8 in / 8 x 6 in.)

ArtBox Gift Edition in four different formats standing on a table.

The ideal photo gift for any occasion: our ArtBox Gift Edition

What makes the ArtBox Gift Edition so special?

The gift edition is a special version of our Solid Wood ArtBox, which consists of three smaller sizes. The wooden ArtBox adds a subtle frame to the photo and is ideal for bringing the best out of small images. It is also impressive due to its extraordinary depth, which makes the entire work look like a unique design object. This allows the frame to be placed on its own anywhere on a table or shelf. For those who prefer to see their picture on the wall, a hanging option has been integrated directly into the frame as a milled joint on the back. Apart from our well-known WhiteWall gallery quality, the ArtBox Gift Edition also enjoys a special character through our elegant gift box. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or as a surprise, this edition is a great personal memento for any occasion.

In which formats is the ArtBox Gift Edition available?

The ArtBox Gift Edition is available in 3 different sizes: square with an external format of 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm, and a 20 x 15 cm portrait/landscape format.

What are the production and delivery times for an ArtBox Gift Edition?

For ArtBox Gift Edition orders, the total production and delivery time is approximately 14 business days.

What are the alternatives to the ArtBox Gift Edition?

Another offer from WhiteWall is our Acrylic Photo Block with gift box. In addition, there are also plenty of other nice gift ideas, for example, our WhiteWall Acrylic Mini or the Acrylic Glass Stand. If you have more wall space available, then you can also order your photo in larger sizes with our Solid Wood ArtBox.

Why choose WhiteWall for my photo gift?

WhiteWall offers unique expertise and guarantees frames and wall art of the highest quality. WhiteWall was named "Best Photo Lab" for the fourth time at the 2021 TIPA Awards. Our friendly customer service is always available to assist and advise you.