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Here you'll find valuable inspiration and useful tips from renowned professional photographers, as well as detailed how-to guides for various genres. The world of photography is colorful and diverse, let our articles inspire you. Get new impulses for your next photo shoot and learn how to create an effective interior design with large-format photographs.


Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Rankin and the Leica camera.

The world of Rankin

Rankin's photographs are as elegant as they are provocative, as dynamic as they are cool, as creative as they are style-defining. The exhibition “Rankin – Zeitsprünge” (English: Leaps in Time) gives exciting and surprising insights into his work and illustrates why Rankin is one of the most sought-after and influential photographers of our time.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Fine Art Prints on Alu-Dibond hanging in a WhiteWall-Store.

Surreal & mesmerizing: Icelandic photographs by Brynjar Agústsson

In the interview, Brynjar Ágústsson talks about the importance meditation plays in his way of photographing, the principles that guide him, and why psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung is one of his greatest sources of inspiration.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Nature photography from the series Forbidden Fruit by Florian W. Müller.

Fascinating perspectives of nature by Florian W. Müller

In an interview on the occasion of his exhibition “Equilibrium” in Wetzlar, Florian W. Müller reveals more about his love for nature and nature photography, his working methods and which creature will be the star of his next project.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

composition of two photos by Per Appelgren with a close up woman's face and a person walking down the streets, light and shadow.

“I love the intense connection with my subjects.” – Per Appelgren

Per Appelgren, born 1984, is a German-Swedish fashion photographer living between Cologne and Berlin. He has worked for brands such as Gucci, Baldessarini, and Douglas and his photographs have appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Recently, his work was on display in the solo exhibition “VIVID” in Cologne - supported by WhiteWall.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

picture by paul sawyers.

“I’m fascinated by the ambiguity of photography” – Paul Sawyers

Paul Sawyers lives in Brighton in the south of England. He studied illustration there, but now works as a photographer and silkscreen artist. In the interview, he reveals why he was practically born with an enthusiasm for photography and the role color plays in his photographs.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Four young men in green working clothes working behind a fresh fish counter.

“A sort of flaneurism” – Francesco Fantini

Francesco Fantini studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He lives and works in London since 2014. His photographs are published in various magazines and he was awarded the Sony World Photography Award in 2022. In the interview he tells how he works, which camera he mainly uses and which photographers inspire him.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

portrait of a woman with a brown hat and a mountain background by josh wool.

“A portrait can be a very powerful thing.” – Josh Wool

Josh Wool grew up in the Low Country of South Carolina. After spending nearly a decade in New York, he currently lives with his wife in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. His first book of photographs “Modern Alchemy“ was published in 2015 and was produced as part of his work for the Artist’s Initiative Grant.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

black and white portrait of a man sitting on a table by David Szubotics.

“I like life to be simple and structured.” – David Szubotics

In this interview, David Szubotics talks about how he uses his most important source of inspiration - music - in his work and why he prefers to photograph friends and acquaintances.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

disassembled black and white photo of a bird by Mateusz Piesiak.

“I feel like a theater visitor” – Mateusz Piesiak

In this interview, Mateusz Piesiak talks in detail about his passion for wildlife photography, where his latest trip took him, and how he prepares for his excursions.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Detail photo of a car with color blocking paint.

In search of humor – Colin Czerwinski

In this interview, Colin Czerwinski reveals to us why photography is almost like a compulsion for him, where he draws his inspirations from and what excites him most about his work with NOICE Magazine.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team


“I photograph anti-portraits.” – Georgia Kontodimou

In the interview Georgia Kontodimou tells us more about her inspiration, why she sees her work as “anti-portraits” and why the effect on the viewer is more of a byproduct of her motifs for her.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

starling murmuration and mountains photographed by Søren Solkær.

Black Sun by Søren Solkær

Søren Solkær is a Danish photographer who has gained worldwide renown for his distinctive portraits. In this interview, he tells us what inspired him to work on Black Sun and why he lived on nothing but rice and bananas for four months for the photography.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Colorful purple and green tennis field image shot with smartphone by Burak Boylu.

“I believe that photography can speak” – Burak Boylu

Burak Boylu lives and works in Izmir on the Aegean coast of Turkey. With the whimsical aesthetic of his smartphone images, he is reaching an ever-growing audience via social media.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Blue fluorescent minerals and rocks photographed by Cody Cobb

“As light and geometry are in alignment” - Cody Cobb

Cody Cobb was titled one of the top 30 emerging photographers by PDN Magazine in 2018, and several of his photographs have won the International Photography Exhibition Award. In this interview, he talks more about how he got into photography and shares his experience of solitude in the wilderness.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

colourful atmospheric bush with flowers.

“I bring a bit of magic into the most common things” - François Ollivier

The documentary photographer François Ollivier shows what he sees. His motifs seem intuitive, often as if they were created almost by chance, but in fact his approach is strongly conceptual. In the interview, he provides insights into his working method and how he approaches a motif mentally, what challenges he has had to overcome since his return from Canada and what for him is the great advantage of the new location in the south of France.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Colors with a building in the background.

A micro-world of color, detail, and beauty – Ron Geipel

Ron Geipel is creating images without digital effects, using analog film, microorganisms, and chemicals. With themes of life, chaos, transformation, and coexistence, his images explore the ways in which nature can be changed and reinterpreted. He currently works between his home and São Paulo, Brazil.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Green forest wall with a few yellow flower sticking out.

“I am very interested in the stupidity of humanity” – Anthony Bockheim

Anthony Bockheim was born in Minot, North Dakota, USA, but now lives and works in South Korea, outside Seoul. Moving abroad quickly provided him with a wealth of new experiences and ultimately led to photography. His photographs are now exhibited internationally and have won several awards.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Yellow staircases.

“I never have a goal in mind” – Dominique Brion

Dominique Brion grew up in Ghent, but has been living, working, and photographing in Brussels for several years. He focuses on street photography and is also an art director and producer. In the interview you can find out more about his way of working, whether he likes shadows better than light and what it all has to do with a duck.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

black and white underwater photography.

Magical underwater worlds – Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro was born in 1963 in Semarang in Central Java, Indonesia. He received his first camera, a Kodak Pocket, as a gift for his eleventh birthday. From that moment on, photography was his passion and he trained first in Jakarta and then at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

abstract two tone photography in purple and blue with birds in the sky.

“There are no rules for me” – Sasha Elage

Sasha Elage was born in 1980 in Leningrad and grew up in Lebanon and Russia as the son of a Finnish-Estonian-Russian mother and a Lebanese father. Today he lives in France. In the interview, he reveals the new projects he is currently working on, the photographers he admires and why there is no art on the walls of his house in France.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Black and red art.

„I am fascinated by the unknown“ – Francesco Gioia

Francesco Gioia „became a photographer almost by accident“ when he took a job in a photojournalism agency in the historic centre of Florence. In the interview, he tells us more about his first camera why German cinema in particular inspires him and which photographers are role models for him.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

New York subway at night.

The dark side of New York – Peter Kalnbach's neo-noir street photography

Peter Kalnbach lives in Hamburg and describes himself as a visual storyteller. As a self-taught artist, he has his own unique approach to composition and image composition. The dark, often mysterious atmosphere of his motifs quickly attracted attention on social networks. In the interview, you can learn more about his working methods and what fascinates him so much about the neo-noir staging of urban scenes.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

boy dressed as an astronaut sitting in a plastic chair.

Cosmic documentary of the Lockdown: The Rocketgirl Chronicles by Andrew Rovenko

Andrew Rovenko is originally from Odessa in Ukraine, but moved to Australia more than fifteen years ago and now lives in Melbourne with wife Mariya and daughter Mia, the Rocketgirl. His photography project has won numerous international awards and Australian Photography Magazine selected Andrew as Photographer of the Year in 2021.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

dancing woman in a red dress.

Inspired by the old masters – Victoria Zabrodina

Art and creativity were present in Victoria Zabrodina's life from an early age: "I grew up in a creative family: my grandmother was a piano teacher, my grandfather was an amateur artist, my father was very fond of music in his youth, and now he is engaged in artistic woodcarving. Creativity has always been present in my life, and I've always looked for opportunities for self-expression."

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Old man walking down the street.

“Make Simple Look Good” – Aris Sfakianos

Aris Sfakianos had an early inclination towards photography. His photographic path began in 2005 with astrophotography using a telescope and a compact camera, but went from there to landscape photography and finally to street photography.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

abstract photo of a person grabbing their own feet who is wrapped around a block of cement.

“It would be cool if there was a head there” – Dillon Versprille

Fascinated by everyday and curious subjects as metaphors, Dillon Versprille captures portraits of himself as well as mundane situations in the world around him. In the interview, he talks about, among other things, why he didn't take photographs at all for about seven years, why a theft led him to study biology, and how he goes about editing his images.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

blurry photography of a poppy field.

“Photography gives me the freedom to do what I want” – Thaddäus Biberauer

Thaddäus Biberauer also known as Hozzography lives and works in Austria. His work has been published in various photography magazines. In the interview he talks about his inspiration, his way of working and why he has “no more annoying deadlines” as a photographer.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Wall showing Gregory Prescott´s art.

“All human beings are sensual beings” – Gregory Prescott

The fine art and editorial photographer Gregory Prescott focuses on portraiture and nude photography, playing with the interaction of body shapes in his images.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

architectural photography of a farm building next to railway tracks.

“Time is running out to see the prairie this way” – Alex Burke

Alex Burke reveals his own connection with nature in an impressive, emotional way in his motifs. There is always a hint of nostalgia in the colorful sunrises or scenes from the lonely, barren nature of the high prairies.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

atmospheric portrait photo of a woman in traditional robes.

“I'm always on the lookout” – Bella Kotak

With her photographs Bella Kotak wants to take the viewer into dream worlds in which one can lose oneself. Her work appears in numerous magazines and has been featured in exhibitions in New York, London, and Paris. In this interview we talk to her about her inspiration, her way of working and the role that nature plays in her photographs.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

two men sitting in front of the camera, one of them holding a print of himself.

A Visit with Maximilian Zeitler

When we find a photography story that we are particularly fascinated by, the WhiteWall team is also more than happy to go out in person to become the models themselves while also documenting the process. This is exactly why our art directors Fabian Fischer and Sebastian Miller made their way to Berlin to meet professional photographer Maximilian Zeitler.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

abstract photography art by milan radisics.

"New perspectives encourage reflection" – Milan Radisics

Milan Radisics describes himself as a visual storyteller. The internationally renowned photographer, artist, and designer from Budapest works with a unique combination of art photography and photojournalism. In the interview, he talks about his experience with drone photography, his inspiration and why he wants to use his photography to motivate people to change their consumer behavior.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Women with swimming caps.

"I'm interested in surreal moments" – Edgar Berg

Edgar Berg is a German photographer and filmmaker living in Paris. His fascination with movement and light reflections is always present in his images. In the interview, he reveals what helps keep his work fresh and vibrant, what inspires him, and what color he doesn't like at all in his photographs.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

colorful mountainscape.

Where there is barely a trace of human presence – Chiara Zonca

Through her photography, Chiara Zonca presents a connection between her emotions and the environment. Her landscape photographs show the earth as a dream landscape untouched by humans, into which she can project her narratives. In this interview with WhiteWall she describes how she rediscovered photography as a form of expression, the role her dreams play in her work, and why she needs nature for her mental health.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

street light in a car park - photo by matthias heiderich.

The experimentation with color and the urban reality of Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich, who lives in Berlin by choice, studied computational linguistics and initially found his way to professional photography during his free time: “The idea of working in an office quickly became less attractive.” In the interview, he reveals what inspires him, how he himself perceives his style, and why photography is always represents a “bit of escapism“ for him as well.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Abandoned building.

"Light, then dark, then light again" – Street photography by Jared Jurcak

A graduate of the Academy of Art University San Francisco, Jared Jurcak has a great deal of expertise in both traditional photography and vector illustration. This allows him a unique interpretation of still life photography, portraiture, and graphic design. In the interview he tells us more about his understanding of photography and reveals what inspires him in his work.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

sand dunes in soft shades.

Subtle landscape shots full of depth by Tara Workman

Tara Workman is originally from Barbados, but she currently lives in the USA in Portland, Oregon where she enjoys the fantastic natural landscapes to find new subjects in lush green forests, vast deserts, and along the wild and romantic Pacific coast. In this interview, she reveals more about her working method, how photography has been a godsend for her mental health, and which photographers inspire her.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

dog sitting in front of a city scape.

Street & documentary photography from India by Shivam Pandey

Shivam Pandey's work is the result of his interest in discovery, exploring different places, engaging with local culture, and honoring individuals, their personalities and their lives. In this interview, he explains how he got into photography, what inspires him, and gives us an exclusive insight into a new portrait project featuring the farmers of his home town near Varanasi.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

still life of flowers and fruit - photo by paloma rincon.

Still life for the digital age by Paloma Rincon

Paloma Rincon is a Mexican-born, Madrid-based, global photographer. After graduating with a degree in audiovisual communications, she first began by assisting commercial photographers while also developing her own projects. In this interview, Paloma shares how she got interested in photography and what inspires her colorful images.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

shadow of a person on a blue wall.

Colour-intensive street photography by Guido Klumpe

Guido Klumpe was born in Osnabrück in 1971. Despite his congenital visual impairment, he became passionate about photography at an early age. In this interview, Guido Klumpe tells us who introduced him to photography in his youth, what inspires him and how he works.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

man holding a rack with 2 fruit baskets in front of a yellow wall.

Impressive portraits from Vietnam by Réhahn

Réhahn reveales exciting insights into his life and work in Vietnam, explaining what fascinates him so much about this country and describing his projects.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Photo by Marc Fischer.

"Our world can be so varied and artistic if you just get the right angle"

Looking for something new, the successful photographer Marc Fischer launched a social media project dedicated to architecture in his hometown of Düsseldorf.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

3d rendering of a machine object.

Photorealistic renderings: 3D renderings by Felix Brauner

Felix visited the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen near Cologne and talked to us about his 3D work. “During my work as a freelance reportage, portrait, and experimental photographer, I realized that I can't realize my ideas with the camera the way I would like to.”

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Tents standing in a mountainscape at sunset.

Off the beaten track – Travel photography by piaeliza

Pia Hungerberg loves to travel to distant countries and learn about new cultures. The up-and-coming talent from Cologne is better known to her growing fan base as piaeliza on social media platform Instagram, where Pia's travels – to Scotland, South Africa or Norway, for example – can be experienced in beautiful, atmospheric images.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Abandoned amusement park in soft hues.

Urban spaces photographed by Tom Westbury

Tom Westbury is drawn to the outskirts, forgotten corners, and urban peripheries. “Even a city that lacks conventional beauty or landmarks has unlimited potential for photography.” The photographer comes from Hampshire, England, and a large part of his photography has come from his constant explorations of his homeland. Westbury prefers to let his photos speak for themselves.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

street art of a person standing under a graffiti painting of a hand.

Phil Penman - Black and white photographs with atmosphere

The British-born, New York-based photographer Phil Penman has been documenting the rapid changes on the streets of New York City for over 25 years. He has photographed global stars and captured historic moments such as the September 11 terrorist attacks for clients including The New York Review of Books and The Guardian.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

colorful architectural photography art.

Architectural world of color by Paul Eis

Berlin-based photographer Paul Eis stages classical architecture through photography, mixes different styles and digitally processes his photos into intense worlds of colour.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Woman laying in an empty attic - Photo by Irina Bittner.

Irina Bittner with her photo series "Back and forth"

Irina Bittner is a talented photographer from Cologne and she often deals with the subject of identity in her atmospheric photographs.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Clouds - Photo: Lyoudmila Milanova.

Where is above and below? Cloud pictures by Lyoudmila Milanova

In her artistic practice, she explores the relationship between nature and artificiality. It is primarily ephemeral substances such as mist, clouds or light that are the focus of her works, where they encounter man-made constructs, be it through technology or spatiality.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

TIPA World Awards 2021.

WhiteWall Wins The TIPA World Award 2021 For The WhiteWall RoomView

The international jury of experts at the TIPA World Awards honored the photo lab for yet another advanced innovation in the photographic industry. In the category for "Best Photo Lab", WhiteWall made quite an impression with its revolutionary WhiteWall RoomView. 

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

An elephant carried by thousands of colorful balloons above a city - photo by Robert Jahns.

The Gateway To A Fantasy World – An Interview With Robert Jahns

Award-winning photographer Robert Jahns combines artistic photography with surreal, extraordinary imagery. The WhiteWall Ambassador takes viewers away to a fantasy world where reality and dreams become one and the same. 

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz / Benjamin Arntz

architectural photography.

Anna Laudan on her Love for Architectural Photography

Hamburg-based photographer Anna Laudan creates her own reality through artistically composed architecture photographs. Laudan has shown her work in numerous exhibitions and shared her expertise in the book Photoshop CC for Lightroom Users.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

black and white portrait of a woman holding a flower.

Picturesque portraits by WhiteWall Ambassador Suxing Zhang

The WhiteWall Ambassadors are among the most talented and influential photographers worldwide, and each of them has their own visual idiom. The genre “Fine Art & Portrait“ focuses on the Chinese photographer Suxing Zhang.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

Forest landscape permeated with warm light - photo by Erik Chmil.

Forest Photographs by Erik Chmil: A Tribute To Nature

In the photographic series “Kraftorte – Waldbilder“ Erik Chmil presents the forest as a meditative place, as an unlimited space for relaxation and healing.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Steve McCurry - Masar-­e Scharif, 1991, Dozens of pigeons fly around two people in the square in front of Hazrat Ali Mazar mosque.

Between Destruction and Breathtaking Beauty: Steve McCurry’s “Afghanistan”

Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, tribal feuds collide with political conflicts and colonial wars. In the country’s history spanning millennia, it has only experience a few short breaths of political unity.


Submitted by WhiteWall Team

summer tips product photo woman with plant.

Our tips for dreamy summer subjects

Summer is a wonderful time of year for photography because it offers an abundance of natural light and vibrant colors. We'll give you helpful tips on how to get the most out of your shots at any time of day.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Couch in front of Passepartouts Images.

Picture Design with Passepartouts - Creating a fascinating Work of Art

There are no limits to the imagination. With a bright passepartout, the pattern is brought to the forefront, with darker tones it recedes and the observer is encouraged to confront the work for longer. Passepartouts with haptic linen surfaces look especially elegant - in natural white, black or ivory.

Submitted by Jan-Ole Schmidt

macro photography of ice crystals - Photo by Jasmin Rex.

Winter Photography: Creating Breathtaking Pictures

Silent icy landscapes, shiny pine cones, and snow-covered treetops - an inspiring season is dawning for photographers. Jan-Ole Schmidt gives valuable tips for successful winter pictures.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

camera and photofilm.

Digitizing Analog Photos – The Best Tips for Perfect Pictures

In the digital age, it is extremely easy to store your photographs in virtual space. Since you can access your pictures, edit them, email them, post them online, or print them at will, it might almost be more difficult to lose photos these days than it is to save them!

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

panorama of Hamburg´s skyline.

As Far as the Eye Can See: Tips for Perfect Panoramas

A photo is going viral around the world: Hamburg's Police Department made a picture of a golden sunset - out of a helicopter. The panorama picture shows the light-flooded city from its most beautiful side and has reached more than 3.7 million Facebook users.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

round lamps hanging in a white room.

Successful Interior Photography - Tips from Chantal Weber

The language of images used by WhiteWall Ambassador Chantal Weber is extremely rich. The Hamburg photographer has a feel for balanced image compositions and shows this through her fine lines.

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Lightning striking over a city at night.

Taking Successful Photos in Bad Weather - Photographing Storms

The "storm season" in Germany begins at the end of April. Sunshine results in higher temperatures, and the temperate atmospheric layers shift. This is the beginning of an exciting time for photographers - but if you want to photograph storms, you need a lot of time and patience.