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Your Photo As An Acrylic Block: The Perfect Presentation With Physical Presence

The freestanding WhiteWall Acrylic Block stands stably on any flat surface. The crystal clear acrylic enhances color and contrasts, and it gives your photo an impressive 3D depth effect.

Premium Photo Papers

Brilliant Colours

A Special Gift with Sculptural Feel

Freestanding and Stable

Long-Lasting Brand-Name Quality

Secure Packaging: Pictures Arrive Safely

Showing Off Your Photos Behind An Inch Of Glossy Acrylic Glass

Showing Off Your Photos Behind An Inch Of Glossy Acrylic Glass

A Crystal Clear View Of Your Photo: The Acrylic Block

Nearly 25 mm of acrylic glass is the perfect way to emphasize your photo’s brilliance. Like our classic Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, we use crystal-clear, shatterproof acrylic with UV protection for a stunning depth effect. Precise details are also visible through the block’s transparent sides. The Acrylic Block is a sturdy design object and an ideal photo gift.

1Kodak Pro Endura photo paper
225 mm of glossy acrylic glass

Glossy Material For Your Acrylic Photo Block

The WhiteWall Acrylic Block has all the characteristics that make our Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass and Acrylic Glass Stand so popular: it is crystal clear, light, and shatterproof. On top of that, the 25 mm thick glass guarantees and extreme depth effect and colours that pop.

Freestanding Design Object: The WhiteWall Acrylic Block

The Acrylic Block doesn’t need any additional supports, stands or hardware. Present your Acyrlic Block on your desk, shelf, or any flat surface. They also look great standing freely in a room. Enjoy the premium quality you’re accustomed to from WhiteWall’s Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass.

Premium Quality, Brand Name Photo Paper For Your Picture

We use state-of-the-art laser exposure systems coupled with Kodak Pro Endura photo paper. This means your photo is extremely crisp and vivid. Nearly an inch (25 mm) of acrylic glass protects your photo print and provides a striking depth effect. A photo gift with physical presence, perfect for friends, relatives, or yourself!

Your Photo In The Acrylic Glass Block With An Elegant Backing

A distinctive feature of the WhiteWall Acrylic Block is its white backing. An opaque material, it greatly minimizes the light that shines through. This subtle feature boosts your photo’s impact as it stands on desks and shelves.

Modern Acrylic Blocks In Your Preferred Format

Portrait, landscape, or square. We make your Acrylic Block in the format you want. Let our bestselling formats inspire you and chose the perfect size for your home, office, or for an unforgettable photo gift!


  • 4 x 4 in. (10 x 10 cm)

  • 6 x 4 in. (15 x 10 cm) 

  • 8 x 6 in. (20 x 15 cm)

  • 8 x 8 in. (20 x 20 cm)

Freestanding Design Object: The WhiteWall Acrylic Block

What is a photo block?

The photo block is a thick, clear acrylic glass photo support. At WhiteWall, the photo is first printed on photo paper and then laminated under the 25 mm (nearly 1 in.) thick acrylic surface. The result is a stunning three-dimensional effect; also, the photo is visible from all angles. The thickness of the acrylic makes the photo block an ideal design object that can be placed anywhere.

What formats are available for the acrylic photo block?

The glass photo block is available in five different sizes from 10 cm to 20 cm (4 in. to 8 in.)

What are the production and delivery deadlines for an acrylic photo block?

For a photo block, it will take about 9 working days for production and delivery.

What alternatives to the acrylic photo block are available?

You can also choose to create a wooden photo block with WhiteWall or an acrylic photo print to display your photos on the wall.

Why choose WhiteWall for my photo block?

WhiteWall offers unique expertise and guarantees flawless results for your acrylic photo block. In 2021, WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the fourth time by the TIPA Awards. WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.