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blurry face of a woman with nostalgic color grading, photo by Aleksandr Babarikin.

Distorted realities with Aleksandr Babarikin

With his street photographs taken in New York, Belarusian photographer Aleksandr Babarikin creates a space in which the viewer can immerse themselves and find their own interpretations. With long exposure times, dynamic camera movements, blurring, distortions and reflections, he conveys an abstract impression of the world around him in captivating shapes and colors.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

wedding couple walking along hands in hands, photo by Katharina Wergen.

Designing wedding motifs: 4 tips from the WhiteWall team

Katharina Wergen worked in our store in Düsseldorf for a long time and now works as a sales consultant in the head office. Not only does she know the WhiteWall range down to the smallest detail, but as a trained portrait photographer and professional wedding photographer she can also give valuable advice.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

dreamy colorful surreal images by Stephanie O'Connor.

Photography meets poetry with Stephanie O'Connor

In her work, Stephanie O'Connor explores concepts such as belonging, imagination and memory. In the interview, she reveals which camera she started her photographic career with and why poetry and photography form a creative unit for her.

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