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Round Or Many-Sided Photo Prints: Think Outside The Box

Round photo prints and polygons create a fun and unique accent when they are hanging on your wall, especially when they are made by our photo lab to the professional quality standards you have come to expect. The geometric shapes become a unique element of the visual design, emphasizing the expressive power of your image. In any size, round prints or many-sided formats can give abstract pieces a more personalized flavor or turn portraits into captivating wall decor.

Four shapes including round format to choose from

Sizes from 20 x 20 cm up to 100 x 100 cm

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Geometric Shapes For Expressive Photo Decor

We offer multiple shapes to make the most of your photo. Round prints, or six, eight, or even 12-sided printing options ensure your image is displayed in an extraordinary way when it is hanging in your home. You can even choose the material – from metal prints to wood prints to our bestselling glossy or matte acrylic mounting – to intensify they your picture’s expressive impact! While configuring your picture, select the option “Circular Format & Shapes.” Then select the portion of the photo you want inside your shape. You can choose between sizes ranging from 20 x 20 cm up to 100 x 100 cm.

Round Photo Prints & Shapes Are Available As:

  • Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass

  • HD Metal Prints & Direct Prints On Aluminum Dibond

  • Direct Prints On Wood or Forex foam core

Round Photo Prints: Your Photo In A Circle

Whether you want to create a bulls-eye look or are thinking about designing a custom collage of personalized products, circle prints are especially eye-catching. The lack of edges or corners can be used to reinforce the shape of the image’s subject or to set a deliberate contrast to other photos hanging nearby.

The Hexagon: Your Photo With Six Sides 

While the hexagon is the natural honeycomb shape, it also has an extraordinary decorative appearance. This original form of cropping the image and its clearly defined edges turn your photo into stunning decor. If you are making a personalized collage, a horizontal row of hexagonal prints creates a connecting line, but an offset arrangement emphasizes the honeycomb structure, giving the pictures a stronger relationship to each other.

An Octagon Shape Makes Your Photo More Noticeable

There is a reason why stop signs are octagons: the shape commands attention! The sliced-off corners steer viewers’ attention directly to your image. When hanging multiple personalized photo octagons, it also makes a unique shape in the space between the pictures. Cropping your photos for this format reveals a wealth of new creative possibilities that extend far beyond being merely decorative.

Your Photo Cut Like A 12 Sided Jewel 

With a 12-sided shape, your photo print shines like a diamond. Despite its very special look, the dodecagon is quite similar to the round photo print. It is a great way to make sure the focus is on your image, or to underscore shapes and forms in the picture. Concepts involving patterns can easily be created with dodecagons. These 12-sided pieces are easy to combine with each other in different sizes for a memorable gallery wall.

Hanging-Your Picture Is Easy: Wall-Mount Included

With the help of our integrated hanging hardware, mounting your round photo prints and shapes on the wall is no problem at all. Your personalized picture can be hung with two screws or hooks.

Round Photo print or geometric shape

What shapes options are available at WhiteWall?

At WhiteWall, you can opt for high-quality materials in original formats, such as round photo prints or geometric polygonal forms (hexagon, octagon, dodecagon). We offer unusual shapes that can be combined with acrylicmetal (direct printing), Forex and wood. Print your photos in geometric shapes and display them in a creative and fun way in your home.

How can I order round photo prints from WhiteWall?

In just a few clicks, you can order a round and geometric format from WhiteWall. Upload your photo then choose your preferred shape in the configurator. Choose from round or geometric formats and then add your creation to the basket.

What options are available for original photo prints?

Choose from different original formats (round photo or geometrical shape) available with the following supports: acrylic, aluminum (direct printing on aluminum or its brushed version), wood and Forex. Depending on the material, you can select the thickness of the support or the type of paper for the print. This especially applies to acrylic prints. For the geometric shapes, you can choose from several polygons such as hexagon, dodecagon and octagon.

What are the delivery times for an round photo print?

You will receive your photo print in an original format within seven days. 

In which sizes and formats can I order a round photo print?

You can print your round photo with a minimum diameter of 20 cm and a maximum diameter of 100 cm. The same range of sizes are available for polygon photo prints; you can print up to approximately 100 cm.

Is it possible to get advice before ordering round photo print?

Of course! Before ordering, you can contact our advisors by e-mail or telephone or visit one of our shops in London, Paris or Berlin to talk to our experts and see all the materials and shapes available for your round and geometric photo prints.

Can I use photos taken with a smartphone to order large format round photo prints?

Nowadays, you can create high-quality photos with a smartphone. However, the resolution is not always ideal for large-format printing and your round or geometric photo may be pixelated. After uploading your photo, the configurator will suggest a format size taking into account the settings of your photo. We recommend that you contact the customer service department beforehand.

How can I fix my round photo print to the wall?

Whatever the shape of your photo, your picture will be delivered with a suitable fixing system for a stress-free exhibition.

Why choose WhiteWall for my round or geometric photo prints?

WhiteWall is one of the few labs that offer photo printing in an unusual and customized format, and on high-quality solid supports. WhiteWall has a unique printing know-how and guarantees a perfect result for your original photo prints on solid supports. In 2020, WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the third time by the TIPA Awards for the quality of its products. Only WhiteWall offers exceptional product quality, made-to-measure formats and unprecedented customization options to meet the highest demands of professionals. Last but not least, WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.