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Photo canvas matt on the wall

Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame

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Your Matte Canvas Wrap On A Solid Wood Stretcher Frame

Do you place a lot of value on having a stylish and warm atmosphere in your home? A professional photo on traditional canvas combines a warm look with simple elegance. With its unique matte surface texture, canvas gives your picture a lively, tactile materiality.

Classic Canvas Texture

Matte Surface

8 Colour Inkjet Print

Solid Wood Stretcher Frame

Stretcher Frames in 3 Depths

Two Options for the Image’s Edges

Photo On Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame

Classic & Natural: Your Matte Photo Canvas Wrapped On A Stretcher Frame

The matte surface of classic canvas gives your photo a lively look with a soft feel. The canvas texture elevates your image’s natural warmth, making it an especially great choice for portraits and still lifes.

Canvas on Stretcher Frame | Texture Highlight

8 Colour, High-Quality Printing For Your Matte Photo Canvas

Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print valued for its rich, luminous colours. Using a highly advanced, 8-colour Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin, which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof right away.

Canvas on Stretcher Frame detail
Canvas on Stretcher Frame | Stretcher Frame 20 mm


20 mm deep

Stretcher Frame 4 cm

Slightly Sculptural Appearance

40 mm deep

Canvas on Stretcher Frame | Stretcher Frame 60 mm

Distinctly Sculptural Appearance

60 mm deep

Canvas on Stretcher Frame | Look on the side: Mirrored


Canvas on Stretcer Frame | Look from the side - gallery wrap

Gallery wrap

Your Photo Canvas In Impressive Sizes: Set Custom Dimensions From Small To Extra Large

Canvas prints are made in the exact custom dimensions of your choice. From30 x 20 cmup to sizes as large as190 x 127 cm. Thanks to their low weight, the Canvas Print On Stretcher Frame is always easy to hang, no matter how big it is. Select from square, portrait, landscape, or panorama formats!

View Formats & Prices

Select from square, portrait, landscape, or panorama formats!
  • Minimum size: 30 x 20 cm
  • Maximum size: 190 x 127 cm

View Formats & Prices

Size Comparison | 01

Size Comparison | 02

03 550px de pdp acrylundrahmen 2x


Picture Size Comparison Chart: Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame

Your Matte Photo Canvas Arrives Ready To Hang

Your photo canvas is easy to hang from its own stretcher frame. If you order an additional frame, a series of metal picture hanging supports are mounted to the frame. Either way, your picture arrives ready to exhibit!

matte Canvas

Like A Painting: Your Photo Canvas Framed Upon Request

If you are so inclined, you can select an additional frame for your photo canvas. We offer different models made from high-quality materials in numerous colours.

Your Photo Canvas Framed Upon Request
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