Katharina Wergen: “My heart beats for framed pictures”

Short profile

Photography has accompanied Katharina Wergen since her youth and eventually became her profession. At the WhiteWall store in Düsseldorf, she supported our customers with all questions relating to WhiteWall products and the final print result before moving to the head office in May 2024 as a sales consultant and to support cooperation and sponsorship projects. She trained as a portrait photographer in 2011, gained a lot of experience in the studio sector and has been a successful wedding photographer since 2015. She now devotes more time to reportage photography, e.g. on (yoga) retreats and projects close to the hearts of her fellow human beings.

In this interview, she tells us more about herself, her passion for accompanying people with her camera and reveals her favorite WhiteWall products. 

portrait of Katharina Wergen, Sales Consultant Head Office.


What exactly do you do at WhiteWall and how do you live out your passion for photography in your everyday work?

When I started writing this text, I was still working as a sales consultant in the Düsseldorf WhiteWall store, where I had the opportunity to support our customers with all their questions about our products and the final print result. Whether it was assessing the image quality, making slight adjustments in Photoshop or designing a Petersburg hanging with visualization and product recommendations, all of this was part of my job, both online and offline. My highlight at the time was to see the enthusiasm of my customers when they saw how I got the best out of their pictures. I was also lucky enough to support our team at store events, at photo fairs and in the production of advertising videos, which made my everyday life at the store very varied. Since May, I have been supporting our team as a sales consultant at the head office.

three part wedding detail photos framed in Solid Wood ArtBox.

Photo: Katharina Wergen // Framed photo print in wood ArtBox walnut

Can you tell us a bit about when you started taking pictures and how you got into it? And how has your photography changed over time, for example in terms of subject matter?

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Before I bought my first DSLR camera in 2010, I had a lot of fun with my various compact cameras and making creative projects with my friends. Today, it's better not to show anyone the pictures anymore.

At the beginning of my training as a portrait photographer (2011), I spent many of my days off working on studio projects in the field of beauty and fashion. After spending a lot of time in the studio, I was drawn more and more to the outdoors. I then took more commercial lifestyle shots until I was able to register my own business in 2015 and focus on wedding photography and all the moments in which love is the center of attention. I am still there, but now my focus is on reportage photography, for example at (yoga) retreats and heart projects of my fellow human beings.

dancing wedding couple detail of product wood ArtBox.

Photo: Katharina Wergen // Framed photo print in wood ArtBox alder brown

Please tell us more about your pictures. What is your focus? How do you choose the colors, the composition, the topics, etc.?

A participant and I talked about this very topic at the last retreat I was able to attend, and she remembered the following quote from me: “I do the color grading the way I felt the moment.” This actually applies to all my pictures. Both people and their stories, as well as everyday moments, touch me and give me a warm, comfortable feeling, which is why I often process my pictures in a warmer way. My focus is naturally on real emotions and the honest moments in between. I prefer to be close and in the middle of the action to make the moments and feelings tangible and experienceable for outsiders. However, there are moments that I consciously give a lot of space to, so that the viewer also has space to think and breathe. It may be that the focus only takes up 1/5 of the picture.

happy dancing couple outdoor shooting printed and framed in green WhiteWall Design Edition.

Photo: Katharina Wergen // Framed photo print in WhiteWall Design Edition in green

Are there any pictures you are particularly proud of, and if so, why / how did they come about?

I am particularly proud of the shots where I manage to take a timeless snapshot at an event without anyone noticing, where the viewers wonder afterwards where I was when I took the shot.

What inspires you? And what inspires you? Movies, books or magazines? Or what surrounds you? 

Life, people, and their stories inspire me, which is why I draw a lot of my inspiration from conversations. Of course, a good book or a visit to a museum also inspires me, but it is the authentic and lively moments of everyday life that touch me the most. It is the beauty in the smallest things that touches me and awakens the desire to tell a story through my photographs.

Kissing wedding couple on escalator in white frame.

Photo: Katharina Wergen // Fine Art pigment print under acrylic glass in white gallery frame

What is your absolute favorite product at WhiteWall? And why?

Phew! I really can't limit myself to just one... Is it just me, or is it the same for all my colleagues? My heart beats for framed pictures, which is why I really appreciate the wide range of frames and glass we offer – should you decide on a passe-partout frame. My favorites are our two timeless ArtBoxes (wood without shadow gap and aluminum with shadow gap). Those who are a little more daring should definitely explore our Design Edition by Studio Besau-Marguerre in green or our Pop Art frames in orange and red – a cheerful and colorful eye-catcher. For this, I prefer to combine our glossy or matte acrylic glass, closely followed by our Fine Art laminations on aluminum Dibond, for those who like it even more artistic. I recommend the Slimline frame to anyone who doesn't need a frame but wants a high-quality finish for their acrylic glass picture.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with other photography enthusiasts?

In my opinion, the most important thing is to be there with your heart. This starts with the photography – for some, it starts when the first thought of this picture comes to mind – and should also be present when choosing the final product, because in the end you want this picture to be in your home or the home of your customers for a long time. It should be a pleasure to look at the picture and be associated with positive experiences and memories. From the idea, to the photography, to the advice, to the final printed photo. Let love flow.

Wedding couple standing close together in ArtBox Geschenk-Edition.

Photo: Katharina Wergen // ArtBox Gift Edition

What else should we know about you?

For me, change is part of a meaningful life and makes it worth living, which is why I like to take on new challenges from time to time. As a result, I have been supporting our team as a sales consultant at the head office since May 2024 and am also taking on a variety of exciting and extensive cooperation and sponsorship projects there.